Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girl Time

Sweetheart took the boys fishing this afternoon.  So, I put the kettle on and popped some special caramel popcorn.  Cupcake and I are watching "Anne of Green Gables" for some serious girl time.  It's getting late enough now that I'm thinking a fish dinner just is not going to happen tonight.  Glad I stashed an extra pizza in the freezer the last time I made pizzas.
I guess us girls are having pizza and watching more "Anne".
And sipping more tea in this lovely violet teacup a coworker gave me years ago.  It had been her aunt's, or great aunt's. She didn't want it and knew I liked tea so she gave it to me.  I love it.  The violets always make me think of my beautiful Grandmother.  

1 comment:

Prairie Rose said...

What a beautiful cup!
Gotta love girl time, especially when it includes 'Anne' :)


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