Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's That Time

The air is filled with the magical scent of lilacs.  I've begun to fill the rooms with them bringing their exquisite perfume in.  How I wish the lilacs would last all year long.
We have one lilac tree behind the house that rises up to the gable on the second floor.  It's the tallest lilac I've ever seen.
And the poppies on the south side of the house have begun to pop.  Pictures of those to come.   I hope.
Right now, I'm just happy I can actually sit in front of my computer for a few minutes and get this out. 
Sweetheart has finished the demolition, insulation, and drywall in the kitchen.  I painted the walls and ceiling yesterday getting as much paint on them as I did on myself and the floor.  Good thing the floors are the last thing to fix.  While I did that yesterday Sweetheart and his friend made the first countertop and final (!) cabinet layout.  Sweetheart worked on the plumbing rough-in after I went to bed last night.  Today they are to set the sink cabinet and counter and do as much as possible before his friend leaves town until next week.
Poor Sweetheart.  He's stayed up so late so much.  Some things are just easier to do when four other people aren't under foot.  We'll all be glad when this is done.
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Buttons said...

It is coming nicely Kimberly. The Lilacs are beautiful. B

Bonnie said...

I was just wondering how the kitchen remodel was going! Hope you post pictures because I'm dying to see it!

Unknown said...

Bless your heart!!! Living in a house while you remodel is not easy. Hope to see the finished product soon.


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