Friday, February 22, 2013


We've had such mild weather for the last week, or so that it seemed almost as if Spring was on its way.  Alas, it is gray and snowing today.  The roses painted on these china pieces though add a bit of brightness to the day. I've been drinking potfuls of Mango Tea this week to try and ease my sore throat.  Thankfully, I am the only one who has felt under the weather.  Everyone else is just fine.

To brighten up the week, I have been blessed to visit on the phone with my dear friend twice.  They've been short conversation, but even a few minutes is enough to make me smile.  She is so wonderful.  I wish everyone could know her and have such a dear friend in their lives.

I decided against the scones last night, just doing the dishes and heading to bed to read a bit more.  It was challenging to try and read and drift off to sleep with a certain little girl deciding I must want to be serenaded.  By 10:30 I finally had to just close the doors between our rooms and throw a pillow over my head.  Who knows how long she kept on singing! 

She actually has such a lovely voice and really hits all the notes perfectly.  She can also belt out her favorite tunes.   "Amazing Gwace" and certain Jars of Clay songs are her current favorites.  She also has a hilarious version of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" at warp speed that is quite a hit around here.  And all her lovely hair can only be combed while I sing that Flower song from "Tangled".  Sadly, I do not grow younger as I brush.

She did look a bit tired at breakfast this morning as would be expected after her late concert.  I didn't hear a peep from her after putting her down for her nap awhile ago.  Now, it's time to go wake her up in the hopes that she'll actually go to sleep at bedtime tonight.

It's movie night around here.  Pumpkin is on an Errol Flynn kick still.  I'll pop a big bowl of popcorn as a treat and we'll watch more squashbuckling adventures on land and on sea with "The Sea Hawks" tonight.  Of course, I may sneak out and finish watching "Jane Eyre" myself.  ;)


Bonnie said...

Hilarious! But singing is far better than crying all night
: )
I wanted to comment about the new attic room, but never made it that far- how exciting to have that work space! I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit envious!

Hope you feel better soon. We had a brief reprieve only for the kids to fall like dominos with the stomach flu.
It was like this when J. was born so we should be thorugh with everything by March. Oh I hope I hope!

BaileyZimmerman said...

She'll be the first in our family with a GREAT voice....we're not known for our vocal repertoire.

Buttons said...

Oh I do hope you are feeling better. Take care. B

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

We have teased Stephanie that she sang before she talked. No kidding, as a newborn she seemed to cry "La, la, la". ;)

She grew up to be a beautiful singer unlike her mother, who cannot carry a tune whatsoever.


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