Friday, August 31, 2012

Guatemalan Blue Banana Squash
The kitchen was wonderfully clean when I got up this morning.  I love that.  I only did more plum juice yesterday and cleaned up all my canning stuff from the last two days.  My, canning can be messy!  The end results are wonderful though.  I ended up with over 35 jars of jams, jellies and butters.  Some peach jam was opened this morning as our topping for Puffy Pancake.
Now, the kitchen looks like a produce department exploded.  Two watermelons, basket of apples, piles of pears, two vats of plums juicing, a huge basket of plums for Market, random green tomatoes, cucumbers, an ear of corn, and a beet.  Not to mention the basket of zucchinis selling.  And there is another basket of herbs to be washed, sorted and bagged. 
My 25 pounds of Shea Butter just arrived- a week late and probably too late to get Body Butter ready for morning.  We'll see.
Maybe I'll trade baking for whipping up the Body Butter.  There is a lot more profit in the Body Butter than in the butter for the shortbread cookies! 

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camp and cottage living said...

Hi Kimberly
I popped over from Bees, Berries, and Birds. I read your profile and realized we not only share the same name but many of the same interest.
I look forward to visiting you again!


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