Saturday, April 14, 2012

Typical Farmgirl Day

Kill a chicken, do chores, go to tea.
Not really.
But it is the plan for today!
BTW~ I deleted both my Kimberly's Cup and my personal Facebook accounts. 
I didn't de-friend you.  (I guess I defriended myself!)
Comments, emails & visiting over at Pinterest are still available.
 I don't follow a lot on Pinterest for the sake of my time,
but I do usually reply to comments or questions if I see them.
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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Was your hen a Russian Orloff(sp?)? We saw some today in a store and they are beautiful.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Were you hungry or was Mrs. Goodenough pesty??

Anna said...

Awww.... poor hen.

I really must look and see what Pinterest is. I keep seeing it everywhere lately. Is it anything like facebook?


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