Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Started early with the storm blowing in. 
The windows in this old home rattle something fierce and the wind howls loud. 
Cupcake awakened at one point,singing.
She has the sweetest, clearest voice when she sings that makes smile~even when it is way too early.
I let her sing for a bit.  When she started to talk though I went in.  She asked for Daddy.  I told her he was sleeping and she needed to be.  I covered her up and smoothed her hair.  We prayed and she drifted back off to sleep.
I finally did myself for a bit.

This morning the folks who are buying Buttercup came over for milking time.  They are planning to get her on Friday after work.  I am glad.

Last night at dinnertime the boys asked why Buttercup was in the backyard.  Sure enough, she was right there at the dining room window eating the grass just starting to grow.  She's had the run of the place for several days, but this was the first time she had ventured that direction. 

After dinner I went out to move her, but couldn't find her!  She ended up behind the garage over in the garden area from last year.  I directed her where she needed to be and hung the electric fence wire back up that Sweetheart took down last week.  I walked her up to the big pasture and told her to have fun.  I closed the yard gates on my way back which was good as she was soon staring at my over the gate looking longing at the backyard.

Today is Tuesday and so I will bake bread.  Not sure if the neighbor who wants to learn will be joining me or not.  Tonight I will get together with my new friend just to visit for a bit.  The whole group will get together next week, but tonight it will be just she and I. 

Well, it smells like breakfast is ready.  I put an egg casserole in the oven before I went out to milk. I made a pot of coffee and set it on low in case the buyers wanted some.  The percolator takes more time, but the coffee is so much better!

 I also made a pot of a new tea~Vanilla Spice.  It is an Ashby's tea.  I have enjoyed their Vanilla for years, but had to try this new kind with the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I am nuts for fresh-grated nutmeg.  I had a cuppa and it is good.

I still need to strain my milk and do clean up.  I will miss the fresh milk, but not the mess!   I am hoping we can buy milk from her new owners.  They are excited to get her and I am excited for them.  And me.  :) 

And I will be sleeping in on Saturday.  Woohoo!

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