Thursday, March 01, 2012

This Week

Monday morning brought tragedy to our quiet neighborhood. Sweetheart smelled smoke while we were having breakfast and went outside to check on things. He found our neighbors' home on fire.

Thankfully, they were not at home and no one was injured. By the time it was all over, the house was burned to the ground. They lost everything. It is just...gone.

We don't know what caused the fire and likely no one will know. It was a tense day waiting for them to check in and have it confirmed they were not at home. Also, the incredibly strong wind blew all the smoke and embers right to us. Mom watched the kids while Sweetheart and I walked the grounds and kept an eye on everything. He caught some firewood smoldering in time and sent me in to check the barn at one point. Everything seemed fine at first glance, but a nudge from the Holy Spirit sent my up the ladder to the loft where indeed, the roof was on fire.

I got down and ran outside and hollered for the fire crew. They backed up one of the engines and put it out quickly. We are left with just one area to repair. I am so thankful, but so incredibly sad for the neighbors.

Our town has a Burn Out Fund and everyone is doing what they can for the couple. This community really does care for each of its members. The loss is huge, both for the renters who lost everything they had and the owners of the home itself. I wish I knew better what to do and what to say.
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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

My heart goes out to that family. I'm glad that you did not also lose your barn. I am just getting over news that a friend from high school was killed in a house fire back home.

Davene Grace said...

Oh no! How tragic! I'm so grateful that God protected all the people involved, and that He kept your property (mostly) safe. But my heart hurts for those who lost their home and possessions because, even though it's just "stuff," it's still a huge blow. As you and your neighbors come to mind, I'll pray for all of those involved. May you feel tenderly hugged by God's arms tonight!

Vicki in UT said...

What a sad thing! Glad you were able to discover your roof was burning and gt it put out. It is difficult to know what to do for people when really, nothing you do replaces what they have lost. I guess all you can do is to pray for them, and try to show them that you love them.

Bonnie said...

Friends of ours had their home burn to the ground two years ago, and yes it's very hard to know what to say. After their house burned, we loaded up a cart with T.P., paper plates, paper towels, extra tooth brushes, etc. And took it over to their daughters where they were staying. It seemed small and like not much, but they were grateful to not have to worry about running out of essentials for a while, so that might be something you can do. Dinner was very much appreciated too.

Must have been the week for fires, my brother rents out the first house he owned, and he got a call at 1:30 in the morning saying it was burning. Where the house is at you can pretty much stand between them and touch the next house and thankfully, the neighbors only had minor damage, as it was a 30+ wind gust night. Arson in his case. The police said kids will break into empty houses (hadn't even been empty a week) and light candles, and if they are cold, just start a fire in the middle of the floor, which is what happened at Dan's.

I'm glad you checked the loft!

Stephanie said...

Grieving with you. I am sure this has been very hard to see happen. I am so sorry! Bless you as you find His peace amidst the frightening.

BaileyZimmerman said...

What a nightmare!! So happy no one was hurt...including animals!!


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