Friday, March 23, 2012

Rural Living

Yesterday Cupcake and I went "down below".  This is how people here talk about going to the bigger towns/cities.  We head down below as rarely as possible.  The places I need to go are about two hours away.  We hit the feed store on the way down in the town about an hour away.  This town has our closest stop light.  That part is nice.

After the feed store we went to the health food store in the next town to pick up some ginger chews in the hope that it would settle Cupcake's tummy.  Sadly, it did not work.  Any ideas for helping wee ones with car sickness?  It's bad.

We drove on to the city.  Here we went everywhere.  We did the bulk food shopping.  Joanne's for yarn and some knitting needles of my own. (I started a new dishcloth with my Tuesday group the other night and I am almost done!  So much easier and better than the first one I started and haven't finished from a year ago!) 

Next stop:  Home Depot for Sweetheart.  We will finally have outlets in the bathroom.  Pretty cool.  It's the little things. 

We next drove onto Fred Meyer.  I visited one on my retreat to Portland last fall.  It was pretty fantastic. 

My little one sat on my lap and we shared a sandwich from their deli.  She was so happy to not be in the car and filled that empty tummy of hers.  She asked about Daddy and her brothers all day.  We are all together so much now that to be apart is odd.

I was able to pick up a few things for Cupcake and some extra pants for Dumpling for a couple of dollars.  (She went through the three outfits I had for her due to the motion sickness.) Little boys are hard on pants and so many of his things are hand me downs from Pumpkin who wore them as hand me downs from his cousin, or my friend who has three boys. I did make all the jeans with missing knees into shorts for him so he is set for summer. Some of his things have been through four boys before landing on him!

I loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies there and a few other things one cannot find in our little local grocery store.  How wonderful it was to get really good fruit! 

A quick zip into Target allowed for a few of those things that only Target seems to have.  Cupcake's shoes are getting tight and so we found her the cutest pair of pink maryjanes with flowers.  Wish they came in my size!  (and note to grandma--bigger slipper shoes were found as well) 

I splurged and bought two things of makeup.  Not having bought any in over a year, I about fell over at the prices.  And all I got was one lipstick and a bottle of nail polish.  Actually, the prices of everything have risen considerably.  I think it maybe more noticeable simply because I am not in the stores regularly.

Then we were off to Costco.  One hour later and a lot of dollars, we have the bulk of our food for the next two months.  That place overwhelms.

We were barely back on the freeway when Cupcake fell asleep.  She slept almost the entire way back.  What a blessing as it meant her tummy didn't bother her. 

As we drove through one of the towns I often think of as small, I noticed its population sign says it has about 7,000 people.  I laughed at myself.  How life has changed. 

Our town has about 700.

(PS-For those that have asked:  I am not missing Buttercup.  And I slept in that next day until two in the afternoon.)
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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have terrible motion sickness and both my children inherited it.

My parents would give me half a Dramamine (sp?) before we left on a long trip!

Basically, we get sick in the backseat of a car but not when we sit in front. I get rather dizzy just thinking of it (and let's not even mention carnival rides!). :)

Anonymous said...

You could try blocking just one ear with cotton wool or an ear plug before you go - it works for my son who gets terrible carsickness. Not sure why it works - it's something about sending mixed messages to the brain. But hey it's something you can try for free at least :)

ladytoesocks said...

I grew up with terrible motion sickness and as an adult still have queasiness at times. As a kid, I was given Dramamine, which made me sleep. Really, the best think that I needed was fresh air. Cracking the window a bit helped more than anything. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about this little trip of yours as it brought back memories of visiting my granparents in North Dakota as a child. I do remember those long distances to town to pick up odds and ends--the day was pretty much taken up the errand running. It must take some getting used to--the planning and prep since it will be a while before going back. But somehow, it is refreshing. I long for those wide open spaces!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Kim...what a day...especially having a little one vomiting in the backseat....ugh!!
I bet it's also difficult spending money in one big chunk? When you only get into town monthly it's all spent in one shot! On the other hand it's so much easier for me to blow a budget little bits at a time!!

You must have had earplugs in to be able to sleep til 2pm.....way to go girl!!

betsy said...

In regards to your daughter's motion sickness, have you ever tried those bracelets with the small weight sewn onto them? They work by applying pressure inside your wrist which is the pressure point known to alleviate motion sickness. (not sure I described that well) I bought mine at Walgreens in the travel section. I've known many people and children who have used these with great success!


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