Saturday, November 12, 2011


This has been a truly delightful time.  I am so grateful.  My smile is back and my heart is light.  Even with the temptation of an additional night away--thank you Dad--I feel renewed and ready to return.  I have one more special thing I get to do before I leave, coffee with tonia, and then I will be on the road.
I have written, read, slept, sketched, painted, walked, talked, been silent, taken oodles of pictures, pampered myself, enjoyed wine and chocolates, and generally just done what I have wanted.  Even better is that my Heart has been free to sing, pray, praise and delight in it all.
I am thinking and praying about how to cling lightly to all of this when I return.  There's the rub.  And yet I feel I will be able to somehow.  And I might just have to make that Stuffed French Toast with Berry Compote like I just enjoyed for breakfast.


Stephanie said...

I have found retreating to be absolutely key to my being the best version of myself! Well done, you, well done! I am thrilled you have so enjoyed yourself. Blessings, upon blessings, upon blessing!!

tonia said...

It was absolutely lovely to meet you, kimberly. You are beautiful and AMAZING. I pray you are staying in that sweet, rested space. Love you!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I am so happy you are getting a mini-vacation.

When men (and now women) are in a war, the military sends them off for an R&R to refresh them for the battle.

Your battle is making a wonderful farm life a fallen world but just as exhausting as when bullets are flying. :)

Missy K said...

This is beautiful to read. Inspires me to make a retreat right where I am , see what He fills it with. . .

BaileyZimmerman said... wonderful...time away to recharge!!
It's amazing what a few days can do!!
Wish I lived closer....we'd be able to give each other a boost when we needed it.....even from afar you give me that little boost I so often need!!
Love you,


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