Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, I was taillights pulling out of the farm at seven yesterday morning.  I drove to Portland, stopping as I wanted, going wherever I pleased.  It was amazing.
I stopped at a few small towns along the way.  Did you know they pump your gas in Oregon?  That was a new experience for me.
With the time zone change I even had an extra hour.  I checked into my room and went in search of Chinese food.  It was awful, but I did get my haircut while I was out.  (Remind me to someday tell my stories about getting my haircut in China.) As my last haircut, not by my own scissors, was last December I was due.  Jeannine, I miss you!!!
I was back in my room by about seven and just read for awhile sipping mint tea I brought with me from our grove.  It was truly luxurious.
I woke ridiculously early, but went back to sleep for a bit.  Now, I need to get ready and go have breakfast--that someone else will cook and clean up from! 
I am heading into the city then to explore a few sights and then hopefully will get to meet up with someone special.  Having been inspired by her words and life for years now, we are planning on getting together!  
I am just a LITTLE excited.  I skipped, mind you, to the van yesterday morning.  Not an easy thing to do, skip, in boots, but I did.  And tried not to be too giddy about the fact that I wasn't the one heading out to the barn to milk Buttercup.
I miss everyone at home.  I do.  And I am totally enjoying myself here.
(Bonnie-This beats your idea of a day off by far.)  ;)


Bonnie said...

Yes it does, and sounds like a blast! Be thankful that husband of yours knows wives/mamas actually need time off, and that going to the bathroom with the door closed DOES NOT COUNT!

Davene Grace said...

How wonderful! What a treat!!! I'm so glad for you. :)

Only twice, since I've started having children, have I had time off like that: once, when we still lived in Israel, I went off for a personal spiritual retreat and spent some time in the old city of Jaffa. Once, since we lived here in Virginia, I borrowed a mountain cabin from some friends and had a personal spiritual retreat there. Just one night away from family, in both cases...but oh, what sweet refreshment!

If anyone deserves a break right now, it's you. Enjoy it to the fullest, and may it bring many blessings to you!!!

Buttons said...

Oh I am so happy you are away. I understand this need all to well. You will come back from this R+R and Buttercup and all the other farm stuff will not even bother you once for at least a few weeks as you will have your memories. Enjoy this time away. B

Bonnie said...

I realize I might sound like B. doesn't let me do anything, but that is not the case. He just likes having me around- even more so when there are dirty diapers to change ; )

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

What a luxury...I know all your hard work (especially as of late) makes it even more enjoyable. It's all about the balance I've noticed! Savor your time. :)

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Enjoy your trip!


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