Friday, November 25, 2011

All is Well

We had a delightful time yesterday having neighbors in for Thanksgiving. Lots of yummy food and new friends make for a fun time.

I have been spending a bit of time just in my own thoughts since I have been home. I have not felt really like writing and honestly, have been too busy just working around here to sit and write. I did write a lot while I was gone and have those notes that I may share later. Good stuff.

As we are transitioning to our first full winter here on the farm, we are preparing both outside and in for lots of cold, cold weather. We are having the attic insulated which we hope will help keep us warmer. We are also installing a pellet stove upstairs in our room which should be able to keep all the bedrooms toasty. This will also allow Sweetheart to set up his office up in the attic and free up the Reading Room for our schooling room.

I will also carve out a spot up there for my own area to sew and craft. I am longing for a bit of space of my own. How nice it will be to have a place to leave out an ongoing project without having to move it all to do all the daily things. I have missed being creative. How much time I will have to be up there is anyone's guess!

It has been a quiet day around here. I removed all my autumny things and started decorating for Christmas. The kids are all engrossed in Christmas books as I type this. Even Cupcake has her own little pile of board books to read. After having almost everything stored last year at Christmas, it is nice to see all our special things again. I am finding it a bit challenging to figure out where to put certain things that always had a certain place in the old house.

All this decorating and having company in yesterday is making me want to plan a Christmas Tea. I love having them. But I will wait a bit more to decide if it something I really want to do.

Next week is a big week around here as Pumpkin turns six years old. He is more than a little excited and has been talking about it nonstop since Dumpling and Cupcake's Birthdays in September. He will be even more excited when he opens his presents!

I am enjoying reading David Copperfield as I continue my quest to read all of Dickens, in between chores and decorating.  What are you reading? I love to know what others are enjoying!  I am also doing my annual reread of the Mitford series timing it all to read Shepherd's Abiding a chapter a day through Christmas.  (Loved to discover a kindred spirit reading Dickens aloud by the fire and Shepherd's Abiding during Advent.  Hi, Missy!)


Buttons said...

Oh six years old is special. I am so happy you had a good Thanksgiving and looking forward to Christmas is always fun.
Take care and I look forward to reading what you have written. B

Missy K said...

I am all set to begin Shepherd's Abiding! Tomorrow I'll trim our Advent wreath, to have it ready for Sunday. I look forward to your thoughts from your time away, when you are ready to share them!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Six is such a fun age!

I reread Shepherd's Abiding each year. I think it is not only my favorite Mitford books but one of my very favorite books period.

In our last year in the homeschool co-op, I used Dicken's The Christmas Carol as one of the books for the high school kids.

They all loved it and I remember one of the BOYS deciding to read more Dickens. :)

La Tea Dah said...

Life sounds delightfully busy! Cozy, comfortable, happy, and warm.

You will love your pellet stove! We have one in the house and one in the shop/schoolroom. It's a wonderful place to curl up with a good book and keeps you so comfortable all day long! Enjoy!


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