Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ups and Downs

On the up side, and it is a BIG up--Sweetheart got the machine running!  Three gallons of milk in record time.  At that point, the cow (Lucy?) broke out of the staunchen (again) and bolted.  I grabbed the machine off her and let her go.  I am NOT fighting a 900 lb. animal in an enclosed space.  We'll try again in the morning.

On the down side, when we went out to milk, Sweetheart found one of the big hens mostly dead.  No clue as to why.  She had been just fine running around all day.  Sweetheart put her out of her misery.  Not knowing why she died, she is not going to be dinner.

And we had an even bigger downer.  Within minutes of Sweetheart finding the hen, I found Buddy the Baby Bull really dead.  He had had scoures and I had giving him medicine as directed.  But for whatever reason, he did not make it.  I had tried to check on him a few times today, but did not find him and did not have time for a full on search.  I think that maybe for the best.  Though it makes me sad, reallllly sad, that he may have suffered, it would have been heart-breaking to have found him almost dead and having to decide what to do at that point.

Our sweet neighbor was doing her chores and came over to see how it was all going.  She is so kind.  In fact, while Sweetheart and I were milking the cow, she and her son put Buddy on their four-wheeler to take him up the mountain.  It was over and he was gone before I could say anything.

It has been a roller coaster kind of day.  I am thankful for many things, even though sad about others.


Bonnie said...

I'm sorry about the calf and chicken- how upsetting. Glad the machine is working for you! I wonder if the cow has been so jumpy because maybe she knew something was wrong with her calf, I know some animals can sense things like that.

Hooray for kind neighbors!

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Sooo sorry for the days of highs and lows. I think Bonnie may have been right about why the cow was jumpy...poor things all. There's nothing like living on a farm to remind you of how fleeting life can be. On a happy note, what a blessing good neighbors can be. :)
Sending good thoughts to you and hope your arms are not so sore. (Hey, people pay good money for toned arms via the gym ;).

BaileyZimmerman said... sorry to hear about Buddy and Hen.
You are one tough lady!!!
I'm so proud of you!!!
You make my heart sing...........

Buttons said...

Oh my poor girl that neighbour is the best thing you can have. It will keep you sane. I never really knew my neighbours then. We are best friends now. I tried to do it all alone, not very smart.
I am sorry for your loss. I have had many of them and it is never easy. You are very tough keep going you can do this.
Take care B


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