Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Taste of Fall

moss on gate
Last night I stepped out to close the chickens in for the night and noticed the cool breeze.  It is as though Summer just slipped away.  It has been quite mild until the last few weeks where it has been an intense heat both day and night.  This breeze was quite welcome.  

This morning I went to the coffee shop with my office-in-a-basket.  It includes my netbook, tablet, notebooks, regular books and a jar of pen & markers.  I can go and work anywhere with this set up.  I am still intensely planning and learning and getting ready to launch our school year.  I thought September 1st would be it, but since that is today and it's Thursday that's not going to work.  Looks like Tuesday will probably be the day.  

Tuesday is also Dumpling's 4th birthday.  Amazing.  He has asked for a monster truck cake and some flowers.  He is one unique little boy.  

The coffee shop has a conference room attached where anyone can have a meeting, or just sit and work like I am doing right now.  It has a nice big table I can spread out on and still enjoy the murmur of others visiting, but still concentrate on what I am working on.  

The guys were all talking this morning a one mentioned "A Taste of Fall".  I have no idea what they were talking about, but that snippet caught in my mind.  I am enjoying this taste. Savoring it in fact.  It is our first one here, so I am excited to see what it holds.  

This is actually my second trip in here this morning.  My first trip lasted about 10 minutes as I got a call that our chicks had arrived at the Post Office.  I packed up and dashed on over to get them.  Sadly, four of the forty were already gone.  My, they are (the live ones) cutie pies!!  We got them all set up with their special home, heat, water and snacks.

It was still early so Sweetheart suggested I head back on out.  On my way back to town I stopped at a neighbor's I had not met yet.  It's a widow in her 90's.  I had my camera on me a stopped to ask if I might take some pictures of her gardens.  She was thrilled and we visited for quite a bit.  I love hearing peoples' stories.  So fun!

I took quite a few pictures that I'll be posting over the next few posts as I am able.  All my flowers are done for the year, so it was nice to see some still in bloom.  Next year, I am planning to plant oodles of flowers, herbs and veggies.  Our little veggie garden went in so late this year and the weather has been so odd this year that we don't have much.  We're enjoying it as much as we can, but there is not enough of anything to can.

Well, I'd best get back to work.  Hope you are all enjoying your week.  


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