Wednesday, September 14, 2011

End of Summer

I have been wanting to sit and write for awhile now. It seems though as each time I try, something immediately comes up and I can't.  Life.  I know.

Well, we have had Dumpling's Birthday, our first day of school and are planning for Cupcake's Birthday on Friday.  I between I have processed gallons of produce in various forms.  All of which becomes ripe at the exact same moment and goes from ripe to rot in a flash.  

I have not posted pictures from Dumpling's Birthday, or my Dad's visit in August, or done more than a cursory bit on schooling on one other day.  Life.  I know.

We have gotten rid of the goats. (Yippee!) The cow has been delayed as she is due on Thursday.  The chicks are (almost) all growing big and strong.  Except the ones that have died.  Three were DOA, two didn't last through the next day, and two more are dead by no apparent reason.  Daisy died after her intestines became out-testines, an experience I hope to never repeat.  Ever.  Life.  Death.  I know.

All the fruit trees are ripening.  The plums, the only bug-free fruit, are so plentiful that I just cannot imagine what I would do with them all even if I could pick them all in time.  They are mostly very small, think a large cherry, but with pits one cannot remove.  We have all eaten too many.  I have steamer juiced several gallons worth and frozen oodles more.  The juice tastes great and is so pretty.  I have decided to freeze what we are not drinking quickly and know that I will enjoy making jelly from the juice when it is not 95 degrees in my kitchen with the lovely windows that do not open for any ventilation.

The pears are beautiful and also filled with mush spots and buggies.  I have spent hours cutting out the good parts, juicing them, and eating them fresh.  I have baskets of green ones ripening on the windowsills and so many in the tree.  The truly rotten ones are a mess in spite of my trying to keep them picked up under the tree.  In the morning, I will send the bug chicks over for breakfast.  Between the flies, hornets and fruit they should be in heaven.  

Let's see...the boys are having a blast, in spite of not doing school every single day like they wish we would.  They are quite taken with our Art Afternoons though.  This basically means they spend the late afternoons painting.  Paper, rocks, leaves, sticks, themselves, the table (ahem!) are all fair game to them.  I have some watercolours to introduce.  Someday.  

Pumpkin will love them I know.  He is quite fond of Miss Potter.  Yesterday afternoon he took his Nature Sketchbook outside and drew a labeled a delightful picture of a BUNE.  (Bunnie)  I am sure his name was Benjamin or Peter.  He is also enjoying copying The Masters from various art books I have from the Library.  His Mona Lisa is a hoot.

Dumpling would rather dig in the dirt than anything else.  Except eat.  He enjoys that.  But wow, he is four and wanting to be BIG.  Except when he'd rather just throw a temper tantrum, which he is quite good at.  He does not get what he wants from the tantrums, just so you know.  One would think he would give up by now.  One would wish he would give up by now.

Cupcake makes me smile just thinking about her.  She has a grin that makes everyone stop and smile.  She's got lots of personality and a lot to say.  A family trait, I believe.  (roll eyes here)  She mostly says, "No."  and "No, no, no (her name)."  She's crawling everywhere and pulling up on occasion, mostly to try and just get something of her brothers that she shouldn't have.

  She hung out in her swing outside this morning while Daddy built more housing for chickens, I picked pears and hung laundry out to dry and the boys played in the dirt.  She was quite content watching everyone and talking to us all.  She has decided that she no longer wishes to retire in the mornings.  This was something I should have taken into account when planning school, but forgot about.  It is a big change for all of us. Alas, we will all adjust.

I am still happily reading about education and loving it all.  Though it comes in little bits and spurts throughout the days.  Those moments add up.  I am almost done with the Charlotte Mason original writings.  So wonderful!  And yes, I know, she thought the best thing the boys could be doing right now is exactly what they are doing--playing outdoors.  Lessons can wait.  And will. Though, I am looking forward to setting up a microscope this week for them.  I think they will enjoy "science" don't you?

Now, all I need is some friends.  Not that I would have time to see them.  But I would sure like to try.  And yes, I have made friends here.  All but two are over the age of 60 and most appear to be in the 70-80 range, but age is hard to tell here.  Life has been harder for the women out here, and it shows.  Kinda freeing on the other hand.

But, oh, what I would give for a dinner out with Terri, another Starbucks visit with Wendy and Alyssa, tea time with Roisin, to go to the farm with Janna, to sit and visit anywhere with Joanne & Kay, another evening of Bunco with the ladies I love.  And on and on.  
I know.


Carissa said...

What a great post!!!

Really, I mean it.

It was, LIFE. Real Life.

And like I already said, a great post!

Love Carissa
PS Love the ripe to rot statement... SO TRUE!

Diane said...

I am learning about Charlotte Mason right now too! I am watching a video presentation by Sonya Schafer (sp?) about how to use the living books in daily school lessons! It is all so very interesting and inspiring to me. Anyways, I really enjoyed your post about Life. Hope you find a friend near your age soon, I know how it feels to be without one too. (ps, have you checked to see if there is a MOPS group in or near your town?)

BaileyZimmerman said...

Hi there Honey!!
Terrific and honest, heartfelt is a wild ride!!
Take a second look at your group of new, older friends....maybe one of them is very young at heart....maybe? Isn't it's a perfect place for your Mom to make knew friends....Who knew?
Who was Daisy? Sorry to her of her demise....sigh.

loralie said...

Yes, everything seems to ripen/rot at the same time. Remember, this is a season, and it too will pass.

I'm praying for you today that you will be encouraged by what IS getting done, & not discouraged by what is not getting done.

Life is good-because God is good.


Bonnie said...

I had a nice big long comment all typed out last week, and then my computer kicked me off line, so instead of trying to remember what I wrote, I'll just say L'Chaim!

(which I'm hoping is spelled right, since its not the easiest thing to look up)

Treasures Evermore said...

Just happened across your blog...and so glad I did. Life truly is a wild ride...and God is good!

Look forward to reading through some of your previous posts.



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