Friday, July 01, 2011

A Quiet Morning

I went yesterday morning to one of the local cemeteries. No one appears to have been added for over 50 years. It was quiet and peaceful. The marble monuments worn, bowing with time.
I wonder the stories behind the stones. My Mama-heart aches at the too short time span between the dates; little ones lost. One stone for two children gone the same day. Another, three names carved on three sides, young siblings gone over a week's time.
It's all contained in one little area on a knoll in the valley overlooking beauty. I sit amazed, wondering about the beauty of heaven and the timelessness of a soul.
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BaileyZimmerman said...

I love to wonder through cemeteries. We have some really old ones here in Jersey....well old by US standards...1700's.
It is so sad to see such young ones lost. 3 in one week and 2 on the same day....what heartache. Maybe a flu outbreak? Terrible accident?
Whenever I travel I spend time in the local full of history!!

Bonnie said...

That is awful. Might do your Mama heart good to tend those precious little graves from time to time. (unless they already are, but maybe those are just wild flowers) I'm guessing their mama's would appreciate knowing that one hundred or so odd years later, another mama was looking after her babies.

Kimberly said...

L-I've wondered the same things. I think it's "old" since it's from the 1800's! :) Idaho has less recorded history than NJ.
B-It is kept mowed in the summers. Many of the flowers were planted originally. There are definitely wild ones as well. The parts that look like they need TLC are mostly behind the gates. Also, being new, I don't know how it would be taken if I headed out with my clippers. Some of the families may still be here.
In fact, we are searching for one particular family's descendants as his burial flag is at our house for some unknown reason. I asked around yesterday and will call the American Legion next week.

Faye Henry said...

Good Morning Kimberley..Thank you so much for dropping by.. I love your posting and the photos say so much. As you say.. the mama's heart.. It is so wonderful to know that there is hope beyond the grave... Just keeping our hand in His..
Have a blessed weekend...

Christine said...

We have a beautiful old cemetery in our village. I've only wandered through it the once, but like you found it very peaceful and was saddened to see some of the short dates on the headstones. I could easily loose an aftenoon studying the graves and pondering over life. Lovely photos you have captured.


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