Saturday, May 07, 2011

Picture It

Dumpling walking ahead of me, this cloudy, rain dripped morning.  Wearing his cowboy hat and and carrying the milk bucket he looks so grown up and silly boy all at once.  I wished I had the camera to capture the moment.  That's why I blog, really.  To be able to capture a moment, a thought, a pretty little thing~to notice the gifts in the little moments of life~renews and refreshes me. 

Not having my camera in hand, I simply tried to capture the image in my mind's eye to hold it there and smile.  I thought briefly about stepping back in to grab the camera, shook my head no and went on. See, I was holding the bucket of water for the goats in one hand and Cupcake in the baby carrier in the other.  Pumpkin is in charge of gates and we're all headed to the barn for morning chores.  To stop now would be a disaster.  Bella's bellowing her fool head off and it's an hour before milking time, but she won't stop and I'd like to silence her forever, but then we'd have no milk.

And so we're off to the barn and I'm trying to keep a happy heart and remind the boys to watch for the hole and to hold the gate for everyone and not trip myself up and be thankful the water hasn't sloshed into my shoe like yesterday and to just do the next thing all while praying for grace and patience and peace and help.

It's Day 2.  Sweetheart left yesterday to go back to Colorado and get the rest of our things.  It's been a long day and it's just started.  He got stopped in Wyoming due to the winds and we aren't sure how long this will all take.  It's been almost a year since we moved for the first time and I'm tired of not being settled.  I'm tired of not having a dresser, a place to put basic things. 

I want to not want, to be just perfectly happy here as it is.  But realistically speaking, it's not just my pride and vanity, though there is that component I know.  I would like the rest of the couches and chair parts so someone who comes in can actually sit down somewhere other than the dining room table.  The boys are missing their stuff as well and Sweetheart needs his tools and we've been doing pretty well overall I'd say considering.  But it's time for it to be over.

Did I mention I'm also trying to paint?  I am insane.  I know.  Whatever.  My goal is to finish the dining room and kitchen while he's gone.  I am having trouble getting the wallpaper off the plaster walls in the kitchen.  All ideas are welcome.  I'd love to pain all of the downstairs, but even I think that might just be too much.  See, even I know my limits.

So, feel free to pray for us all.  For safety and sanity mostly. 

Well, the boys are done eating breakfast and the girl is smiling away at me so I'll sign off.  Probably won't be on here much for awhile.  Unless I just need a break.  Plus, the wild plum tree next to the barn started blooming yesterday and I want to get some pictures of it to share...


Bonnie said...

You paint lovely word pictures! I *can* see all of you heading to the barn.
Praying for you!
Hugs and happy Mothers Day!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Kim, honey...your blog is the first thing I check out after I read my e-mail. I can't wait to hear all your news!!
Thanks for sharing!
Terrific descriptive....I can feel the water in my shoes....

Raquel said...

For the wallpaper dilemma, try some commercial fabric softener - downy or snuggle or the like diluted in some water and wipe over it. Works pretty good. you can also put it in a spray bottle. Makes the house smell good as well.

Rose said...

I think I need to read your previous posts to fully understand all you are talking about...maybe I will get to that one of these is not the first time I have had the thought. But I enjoy what I read anyway.


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