Monday, May 23, 2011

Homestead Barn Hop

1948 International Harvester~Can't you see this in the 4th of July Parade?

Sweetheart had bought the tractor a few weeks ago and had been waiting on it to be delivered once they attached the loader.  It just arrived and is already being put to use.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate so that we can plow this week.  We've got lots to plant!

Everything is blooming!  We have so many fruit trees here.  We've been told we have apple, crabapple, pear, cherry and plum.  The wild plum trees are everywhere.  They almost outnumber the dandelions.

But not quite.  Lots of these!  Salads soon and maybe some Dandelion Wine.  The boys love to feed them to the goats and bring me bouquets of them.

Look closely.  The pasture is full of pink and blue Forget-Me-Nots.

Pumpkin is trying to blow grass whistles--"Like Margaret Dashwood, Mommy!"  

Dumpling exploring and digging with sticks.

Cupcake was napping.  I'll try to get pictures of her soon, Aunt Carey!  All the ones I've taken lately are blurry.  She's rolling everywhere!

While I was typing this up, rain started hitting the window next to me and in the same instant the goats started bellowing.  I got up and had to decide:  goats or the wash on the clotheslines?  The goats won this time.  Now I guess it will be awhile before the laundry is finished.  It rains a lot here.  :)

So, we're keeping busy here on the homestead.  In between the regular work, I'm busy pruning out all the dead growth I can.

Yesterday I spent at least an hour pruning one lilac tree.  It's eye level with me when I'm standing in the upstairs bathroom!  Who knew lilacs could grow so tall?  And all I pruned was from the ground up and as far as I could pull down to prune.  I'll worry about the higher stuff some other time.

I spent the morning working time clearing out the center flower bed of all the dead rose bushes and more.  I wish I had some "before" pictures!  I'll try for "after" pictures tomorrow. I hauled out several wheel barrow loads from just that one spot.

We bought our homestead in January and no one had lived in it for over a year when the 92 year old owner moved out.  Her husband had passed away a decade before, so regular maintenance just hasn't happened in quite some time.  We've done a lot and have so much more to do!

She apparently loved flowers which is a huge blessing to me.  Seeing all the new flowers bloom these last few weeks has been amazing.  Hope blooms!

And, I got three eggs last night.  Spring has sprung (finally) here in Idaho!

Our ongoing project:  the farm name.  We wanted to be Wiseacres Farm, but there is already one here in the state and the domain names are taken.  I suggested Roaring Goat Farm the other day.  Bella's days here maybe numbered.  (Maybe I should let her see the goat ribs I'm defrosting for dinner we got from the neighbors.)  The other goat, Eve, is fine and not at all noisy.  I like Nubians, but she is ridiculous.

Suggestions for names, and serving suggestions for goats, are welcome. 

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Linda Chapman said...

Beautiful post of beautiful country and lovely family! That is some patriotic looking tractor!!

Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

What a wonderful tractor! Don't you just love old things? We bought our first tractor a couple months ago. It's a 1963 Allis Chalmers. Not quite as pretty as yours, but I still prefer an old tractor with 'character' over a new, shiny, modern one. :) Thanks for sharing with the Barn Hop this week!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I am so happy and excited for you. There is nothing more fun than the first year in a new place. You get to find all of the flowers and get things situated to how you want. I love the forget-me-not photo! I look forward to your posts and progress. Sorry I'm no help on the goat or the name. What, besides goats are you going to have? Maybe "New Beginnings Farm?" Good luck.

Bonnie said...

Roaring Goat farm- HA! Love it!
What about Leap of Faith Farm, since it more or less was a leap of faith, this whole adventure? I'll keep thinking, I love thinking up names for things.

The pictures of the boys are great- that one of Pumpkin needs to be framed!


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