Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anyone Seen This?

Ok, I usually love all the BBC period piece mini-series, but haven't seen too many of the Masterpiece Theatre shows.  It seems like I've discovered most of the movies I love through other blogs.  No one has mentioned Downton Abbey so I was just wondering if any of you had seen it and what you thought of it.  :)


BaileyZimmerman said...

We watched the entire series....really liked it.
BUT...thought it ended rather abruptly.
It's really worth watching!!

A new Jane Eyre is hitting the theaters soon......
We'll watch that version too!!

Huskerbabe said...

I started to watch it, but after seeing a spat between male lovers decided it was not for me.

Raquel said...

I have seen it, with Masterpiece if you go to the website, you can watch them online free for a certain period after they are aired live. Like Huskerbabe, I could have done without the male lover's spat. I also could have done without the daughter taking a lover and then he died in her bed - but that was all pretty integral to the story. The imagery and overall story were beautifully done - even if it did end rather abruptly. I do understand they are making a sequel, tho.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My daughter absolutely loved it! She warned me about the male lover spat and told me not to worry, it didn't really show anything and it explains something that comes up later in the show. (She knew I also may have turned it off after that.)

I watched part of it when it was on PBS after she encouraged it. I thought it a very good portrayal of English society during that period when so much was changing.

I just read a review of the new Jane Eyre where they said it was good but the film makers had tweaked the book to make Jane out to be more of a feminist character.

They thought it worth watching but also thought it took away from the intent of the book.

Reminds me of when Christopher watched the movie based on his favorite novel (The Count of Monte Cristo) and was so upset that the changes made to it took away the entire lesson he thought the story told. :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Forgot to add... filming just started on the next "season" of Downton Abbey in England.

Rose said...

Yeah, we watched it and both my husband and me loved it...and there will be another series of it.

Did you ever watch Ballykissangel? It is modern day, but we all loved it...and there are about 6 seasons of it. (Netflix has it, if you belong to it.)

Or have you watched Foyle's War...that one was a real surprise...I didn't start watching it till till late and had to go back and watch them all.

Oh, and there is Bramwell..not a true story but about a woman becoming a doctor back when it just wasn't done.

These are just some of my favorite, favorites!

tonia said...

We loved this series! I nearly died when it ended and realized I was going to have to wait for a year to see more. (A little womanly hysterics for you there.) Yes, the male lovers did surprise, but it's brief and moving on and there's nothing else like that. It is important to the story line.

I really like this series for a lot of reasons and one was that it was a more mature look at the time period from various viewpoints, not just a dewy-eyed romantic recreation. Not to say I don't like dewy-eyed...but this was refreshing. And the dresses!!! so beautiful!

tonia said...

just thinking today about what offends in media. I just watched the first season of Lark Rise to Candleford and was so upset by the pregnant woman who drank her way through the whole thing. If they don't comment on it or better yet, show the consequences of her drinking on her baby, then I find that offensive. Way more offensive than the girl losing her virginity in Downton Abbey. (sorry...I have a serious bias here, I know, but it is interesting to me what we are bothered by in this world and maybe what we *should* be bothered by, but aren't. And I do realize that they probably didn't address her drinking because in that time period no one realized it was hurting the baby...but the effects on the baby would have been real either way.)

OK, enough soap boxing!


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