Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exciting Week!

Jumping in with both feet this last week, I went and helped some neighbors butcher some of their chickens and roosters Thursday night. Be glad I skipped pictures of that.

A much more photo-friendly first time experience came on Friday afternoon when we went to feed another neighbor's lambs. She takes the ones a friend can't keep, called bummers, (usually twins and triplets) and bottle feeds them until they are old enough and eventually sells them later in the year. We threatened to smuggle Princess, the littlest lamb, on out, but with all three of our kiddos our hands were full enough.

I am awaiting a call anytime now to go back to the farm where I went for butchering to see their goats kid. The first is due tomorrow! I am excited about this opportunity and will take the camera for that.

And finally, something I wanted to do for a long time is about to happen. We were talking with someone the other day asking who to call about different things in the area when he asked if there was anything else we wanted. I said I wanted to learn to knit or crochet. He instantly mentioned someone and said he'd pass on my info to her because she knits up a storm.

She called me yesterday and is going to come over tomorrow for my first lesson. She learned to crochet when she was six from her mother. She then learned knitting from her first husband. She's now a grandmother to nineteen with another on the way and a great-grandmother. She just likes to teach others for fun.

She was friends with the father and uncle of the woman who owned our house before she was friends with her. The former owner here moved in in 1958 and is currently 92 years old. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow, but I am sure excited! I'll set up a little tea time for us to enjoy during our lesson.


Bonnie said...

Wow- the Lord just keeps blessing you for following His lead and selling with no place to go etc. etc., how exciting indeed!
Crochet and knit is something I've always wanted to learn, but have not managed to do yet. Someday.
You look right at home in your Carhart and bandana!

Vicki said...

How exciting! That little lamb is just so cute!!


Deborah Ann said...

Hi, thanks for stopping in at my blog.

It sounds like you are quite the busy farm gal!

Anonymous said...

The lambs are darling! I am hoping to have a few smaller type sheep in a year ... are they hard to care for?

Anonymous said...

I want to learn to knit as well.

I love your blog header :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Bonnie said...

I just read your facebook status and Pumpkins quote- I am glad I swallowed my glass of water first because I would have sprayed it everywhere when I laughed out loud! Hilarious!

Jill said...

Those lambs are adorable- you will have a blast with the baby goats, too. There are few things cuter than baby goats, in my opinion! Thanks for sharing this post at the Homestead Barn Hop! Hope to see you again next week!

Davene Grace said...

I love seeing pictures of you in your posts. :)

This new venture of yours is so exciting, and I admire your enthusiastic spirit! What an amazing thing for your children to be exposed to life this way.


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