Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thoughts on the New Year

"As we go forth into the coming year, let it not be in the haste of impetuous, forgetful delight, nor with the quickness of impulsive thoughtlessness. But let us go out with the patient power of knowing that the God of Israel will go before us. Our yesterdays hold broken and irreversible things for us. It is true that we have lost opportunities that will never return, but God can transform this destructive anxiety into a constructive thoughtfulness for the future. Let the past rest, but let it rest in the sweet embrace of Christ.

Leave the broken, irreversible past in His hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him."

--Oswald Chambers--My Utmost for His Highest

This was from yesterday's reading, and I meant to post it then, but time did not allow. There was more, but this was the section I need to remember. My thought have been swirling around in my mind and I have been putting pen to paper instead of blogging lately. Some thoughts are too fragile still to share and I am quietly musing on them.

Well, as quietly as I can. :) Our home may be quieter than many, but with three wee ones it's not that quiet. Even Cupcake is "talking" now. And a lot. It's pretty cute.

This new year holds so much. So much promise and so much change. Following on a year of tremendous change, it is different, more exciting. 2010 held so much upheaval. As I look to this month I know that there will be even more, but then a settling.

We have been working on a contract on the home I posted about for awhile. We are know in the final few weeks of the process. All the inspections are coming in great as is all the work towards closing. I love everything about it! I just wish it was in Colorado. It is Idaho. And so a new adventure begins.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my heart is so right there with you, Kimberly. I needed to read this this morning. I will go grab My Utmost to read the full passage.

So excited for the changes come for you, but so sad that I may be losing you to Idaho. Love you.

Kaela Green said...

I wish it were in Colorado too! I will miss seeing you regularly! xoxo, Miss K- you will be dearly missed!


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