Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thinking Back, Looking Forward

As we venture forth to a new home and a new life, I am excited. It's been a longer journey than I expected when we started this last March. I really thought buying a home would be easier than selling one these days. Not for us! We had a contract the first week and closed the next month.

We looked and looked and looked. Changed what we were looking for, adjusted ideals and prices, whittled down what it was we needed versus wanted. At least two acres with water rights became our only non-negotiables. Cute was desired, of course. This was going to be my home after all.

We wandered through property after property last spring. Nothing. Several places that would have simply been improved by tearing them down. An offer was made on a property. Luckily, it went nowhere at that time. Meanwhile, our home was sold and we had to move. The week of that closing we learned that the company Sweetheart worked for was being bought out. Spring turned to summer.

We widened the search to all over Colorado. A few places appeared and were visited. Still nothing. We camped out at Mom's while still searching.

The idea that we'd buy something before the baby arrived ended. I decided I had to withdraw from the search and just focus on getting ready for the baby to be born. We moved into a rental nearer to Sweetheart's work still not knowing what would happen with the acquisition.

Autumn came and with it the joyous arrival of Cupcake. The search resumed. Now, we widened the search again. Idaho had several things in its favor. It wasn't Colorado, but it was a lot more affordable. The company was sold and everyone was told nothing would change.

That lasted about a month. Then the layoffs began. Sweetheart's job was eliminated. And the house in Idaho was found. We wanted to buy something out right and made an offer. Autumn ended without a contract.

Winter arrived and with it a quick trip for Sweetheart to see the home we had put an offer on. He fell in love with it. Negotiations stalled.

On a whim, we decided to see if we could finance after all. We had our own side business since Pumpkin was born. Miraculously, we were approved based on the income from that.

Counteroffers went back and forth and an agreement was made. It was now mid-December and Christmas on the way. After a flurry of inspections, everything came back as perfect! We were even able to close early, last Tuesday in fact.

Now we are busily packing and trying to figure out the best way to get everyone and everything there. We have a lot of stuff. I hear some of you that have been to our old home laughing. Knock it off. So I have the gift of understatement.

Everyone keeps asking when we're moving. I still don't know. We have to be out of here by the end of the month, but hope to go sooner. I just wrapped up most of the things I wanted to do before leaving the other day.

We are just itching to get there. It will come down to weather and trucks and packing.

I am just taking a bit of a breather at the local coffee shop. I dropped off a load at the thrift store and returned all the library books. Sweetheart and the kiddos are at home. Not sure when was the last time I was just out by myself to do something relaxing alone. Cupcake and I have been a team since birth. I unpacked a bottle and left it on the counter is case it's needed.

There is so much to do, that I can't stay too long, I know. But the gift of an hour without being needed is wonderful. There is a giant speaker next to me playing country music which is somewhat drowning out the chatter around me.

Hmm...Think I'll be hearing country music a lot in the new town. That's ok. It'll be an interesting break from all my instrumental music I have playing all day. My "pretty music" as the boys call it is just a part of the background of our days.

I cannot deal with additional voices added in on purpose as my family seems to talk nonstop. Yes, more laughing from those of you in the know. I hear it. Here's the funny thing: Cupcake is a chatterer, too. She's started in the last few weeks and is hilarious. She is so expressive. She must get that from her father. ;)

When I was more than a little on edge this summer, I talked with Joanne one afternoon. I commented on not having a home for the boys and wondering what all the upheaval would do. She said something I can't get out of my mind that she said she had learned with all of her different moves. As far as the kids are concerned, wherever I am is home. An excellent reminder and one I have thought of some many times as we've lived in transition for too long.

I have tried to make this rental a home for us all. It hasn't been easy and I will not miss this house at all. Looking back, I can see that she is right and that it will all be okay. Doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to cooking dinner in my own kitchen and eating it off of something other than a folding table and chairs like we have for the last six months.

I keep trying to think about other things, but find my thoughts constantly going back to Joanne. Wishing so much we could have had lunch together yesterday as planned. Thinking about all our tea times, including the one that Pumpkin decided to, for some unknown reason, stick his hand in her teacup full of tea. Luckily, it was just warm and she was gracious about it.
Wake up, sweet friend. I miss you.

*** For those of you looking for updates, Joanne's family said they were going to keep the day quiet with just family so I am not expecting any updates today. The doctors determined yesterday that her movements were seizures and have now placed her into a medically induced coma for a few days. Please continue to pray for all of them. They are so needing some rest and peace.


Holly said...

Yes, me, too, friend. Praying for a do-over gathering with our friend. Praying steadily. Her advice is a treasured word, I think. Love you, Kimberly!

Francesca said...

Hope the packing and the moving go smoothly, Kimberly. Sending healing thoughts to your friend.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I am so excited for you! :)

We have moved more times in January than I'd like to think. I thought that was terrible until we moved back here from Michigan in a heat wave.

I will take January any day!



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