Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grandma Gail

Holding her newest grandchild. She was over during the birth to take the boys to her house and was able to actually see the baby be born. I think she's still excited about that. It was early enough that the boys were still playing in their room so it worked out perfect!

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Bonnie said...

Kimberly, she is truly one of the most beautiful babies I have seen- I still can't get over all that hair (and it's not as if my Beans was born bald!).
I love all the pictures,and as soon as I saw the below picture, before I even read it, I knew what the boys were doing!
You look fantastic, hope you all are well and rested.

P.S. does your KimberlysCup e-mail still go through?
I've not tried it, wanting to check if its current or not first.

Kimberly said...

it does work. i check it every few days.

Davene said...

What a gift for Grandma to be there for her birth! My mother has been with me for three of my births; and although she has since told me that it's incredibly hard for her to watch me be in pain, it's still been a TREASURE to have her there.


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