Thursday, February 04, 2010

Great Resource

I wanted to share with you all an amazing resource my friends discovered while trying to coordinate help for my friend Wendy's treatments. It is called Lotsa Helping Hands. You basically set up a free community for someone in need. There are places to put updates, but the great feature is a calendar to coordinate all the volunteer efforts.

When you sign in to help your friend you'll see a calendar that lists the days and help needed. You can sign up directly and a message is sent to the coordinators. It will even send you reminder emails about what you have signed up for. Everyone can see at a glance what is needed as sign up as they are able. Sure beats having to have someone calling everyone and following up and repeating the same things over and over.

Please continue to pray for them. Thanks!

1 comment:

Francesca said...

It really is a helpful resource! Thanks for the link. I would have needed something like this a few years ago when my best friend got ill.


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