Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The high today here was three. Three. Crazy. I was born and raised in Phoenix and I am not sure I've completely acclimated to this yet.

I went outside on the porch for a few minutes while the boys were napping just to get some fresh air. I didn't last long though. It was much nicer inside.

Onion soup simmered on the back burner most of the day for a cozy supper tonight. I made some chai tea concentrate from a new recipe for a gift for a friend. All in all, the house smelled delicious.

We are reading and hanging our Jesse Tree ornaments up each day and ending our evenings with Advent. The boys are busy acting out the story of Jesus' birth with their own Nativity set. Who knew they had the "Cars" movie cars in Bethlehem, otherwise known as Buffaloham? I love it all.

I have not had a lot to write about, as you can tell by this post, but am just keeping busy making Christmas gifts and hanging out with my guys. We're drinking lots of tea and snuggling in around the fire. It is a quiet time. Well, as quiet as it can be with the boys!

Hard to believe Pumpkin turned four. He is pretty excited about the whole deal and loves to tell everyone. He is such a funny guy.

Dumpling is quite a kick, too!

Well, I am tired and off to read a bit of Anne of Avonlea before heading to sleep. A new friend is coming over for tea tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it! Hope you are enjoying your December---and keeping warm!


Bonnie said...

Sounds delightful! Well, not the 3 degrees part, but the just being part. I am going a tad crazy, which I usually do this time of year. A good crazy though. Buffalohem- Ha! I love it!
Biscuit and Honey race around playing Lightning Da Queen and Sally. Daddy is the announcer, and Muffin was dubbed Guido last night.
I must tend my pot of soup now (a new recipe of bean and ham soup), and get some cookies baked. Have fun with your tea time tomorrow!

Jodi said...

Brrr - indeed! It sounds like you all are having sweet times. Enjoy every moment.

I can never get over how quickly those boys grow!! And cute as buttons they are. :o)

Anonymous said...

BRRRRR Kimberly. I freeze here at 55. LOL

Francesca said...

As a child I also used to play with our Nativity set: the perfect wooden figures that would come out only once a year! (no car movie cars, though:)).
PS - I don't think I'll ever acclimate to winter weather


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