Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wonderfully Embarassing

I just sent off an email in hopes of connecting with a new friend, Joanne's Mom, and I realized that other than babysitting on Tuesday mornings, my schedule during the days is empty through the end of the year. There are a few evening events, but we have no appointments or plans. It is wonderful and yet kind of embarrassing because it seems like I do nothing all day. Hah!

I know that things will come up and the little boxes will fill with special times and activities, but there is something so freeing about an empty calendar. Though I have been busily making things for gifts, having these free days helps a lot with all the gifts I still need to make. Some sewing, some baking, some mixing and blending and all sorts of things are starting to appear!

This weekend has been filled with snow and boys and making scrubs, lotions and deodorants. Last week was balms with new jars of healing balms, lip balms and the homemade vapor rubs. BTW-I did go back and at least double the essential oils in the vapor rub recipe a few posts ago. I'd say, just add to your liking.

I've also been experimenting with some new scents and some solid perfumes. Mostly they have been cinnamon and clove oils for the perfume, scrubs and body butter. What do you think? I have been asking for feedback. My sister (Hi Carey!) mentioned that she would use cinnamon-clove for candles, but wouldn't wear it. A few others thought it sounded good, but some said to stick with florals. What say you?

I am hosting my Bunco group this week again and so I need to put away my stuff and start cooking for Tuesday night. I am planning on Carrot Ginger Soup, salad, and bread, but I need to figure out the main dish. Cream Cheese Chicken? Shepherd's Pie? Another soup? Should I stick with scones for dessert? Or should I make something decadently chocolate?

Lots of thoughts are swirling around in my head. Nothing earth-shattering, which is nice, but just lots of little things to do. I want to make things, whether it is dinner or lotion that others will enjoy, but I often feel like I am uncertain as to what others would like best.

What I do know is that I had better get off the computer and get to work! There is always something to clean around here.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Hmmmm... chocolate scones? :)

I have found when the calendar looks empty, it seems to create a vacuum of time that gets filled quickly.

I have learned to love those days when there is no reason I HAVE to go out. Especially when it is snowing.

Bonnie said...

Go Chocolate, most definitely, and eat a piece in my honor please? What about chili? I have a smoked chicken and pumpkin chili recipe that is DIVINE.

I am hoping to try making some of your lotions and what not, the vapor rub sounds especially nice!

tonia said...

i'm wanting to make a ginger scent to wear. someone gave me a roll-on ginger perfume from Origins and it is the first scent i have ever truly felt was MINE. i'm toying around with how to replicate it.


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