Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another Autumn Luncheon

It is such an absolutely gorgeous day here today so the boys and I enjoyed our lunch on the front porch.
It was a lovely meal though a bit more informal than my last luncheon.
They sure do love fresh peas. ("Green balls, Mama!")
I actually started making gifts in January and continued until April when we really devoted all our extra time to the yard and gardens. Summer was spent still working in the garden and fall on preserving the harvest. Now it is November and I need to get back in the swing of creating!
Though I find I am low on ideas.
Most of my family has already been given my homemade body products. And I wonder if jars of preserves are really considered a gift? I love handmade gifts the best, but have a hard time not just sharing those things year round. We are also planning to do most of the giving to charity this year, I believe. Still, decisions, decisions! I'd better get to work.
PLEASE feel free to leave suggestions!!!!
What are you planning for holiday gifts?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Almost everyone I know loves to receive homemade candy and cookies. There are so few who bake and even less who knows how to make candy (which is mostly SO easy).

I'd say preserves is a great gift. :)

I also like to give books, especially those that I know others might like but may not know about.

I love to find items for Stephanie to use in the kitchen, since she must make almost everything from scratch. (Past items were spatulas shaped like spoons, cake decorating items, tea cup and teapot shaped cookie cutters, etc.)

Bonnie said...

Hi Kimberly!
I just saw your comment in my applesauce post, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!
Anyway, I have a tomato/apple screen for mine, and it gives me a thin sauce. I read, (but have never tried) to stick your tomato squeezings in a bowl or pot in the fridge over night, and the watery part will rise to the top, and leave you the thick part, so you don't have to cook forever. Might be worth a go
for you.
I usually just add a can of tomato paste to whatever I'm using my homemade sauce for.

Nikki Ritter said...

This year my family has all agreed to do thrift store or garage sale gifts. It has been so fun to look for treasures! A lot more thought goes into each gift. A stack of paperbacks for a quarter a piece tied with jute twine and a book light with a pair of reading glasses from the Dollar Store is one gift I'll be giving. Total cost $3.00 but with a little touch of love it will be one of the best gifts given because this person loves to read books by this author. :-)

But it must be said... a jar of preserves, homemade spices, and homemade body products are awesome and I'd be tickled to receive any of the above. :-)



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