Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Boy-Answer to Prayer

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We went out the other day to enjoy the amazing Autumn weather. (I am sure glad we did as we are staring at about 18 inches of snow in the lowest parts and it is still coming down.)
Pumpkin has been trying to overcome his fear of going down slides. He's been praying for Jesus to help him go down the slide every meal for a few weeks now. He went down by himself and that feeling of falling was too much for him. He would go down with me, but did not want to go solo. Dumpling has no fear at all, of anything. Go figure.
The other day was the day. We parked by a lake and the boys wanted to go play on the playground part. It had a double straight slide, not too high. Up he went! About 100 times. Thank you, Jesus.
Isn't that look of pure joy priceless?


Bonnie said...

That is so precious! I think the Lord must absolutely love the prayers of little children!

Nikki Ritter said...

Isn't it amazing how He cares even about things like little boys and slides? It just fills my heart with joy... sort of like the joy you can see on the faces of your boys. :-) LOVE IT!! :D

Angie said...

What a sweet, sweet post. You're teaching them wonderful lessons about how the Lord listens to us and cares about us! Thank you, God, for simple answered prayers.


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