Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning

Oatmeal Breakfast with Pumpkin Spice Honey Toast & Caramel Coffee

Today the weather changed. Whereas, yesterday was one of those perfect Autumn days that found me out in the garden before everyone else was up, today I just wanted to stay huddled in bed snuggled down deep. Alas, I had to get up anyway.

It was so gloomy and dark I thought our breakfast needed a bit of brightening up. Breakfast by candlelight not being an everyday thing here. Of course, it was so pleasant I may have to reconsider. In fact, the candle is still burning bright scenting our home with a delicious pumpkin spice fragrance. I cooked and baked up a storm yesterday and so am just enjoying what I made and not really cooking today, my usual preferred method for making our home smell yummy. Not much beats the smell of fresh baking bread, does it?

The good news is that Sweetheart did some work this weekend on my computer so I hope I'll be posting a bit more. The setup I've been using since July has been so uncomfortable that I have not written as much as I would have otherwise. I was in fact thinking of just quitting blogging altogether.

But, for the three of you still reading this, I've decided to keep going. Besides, where else would I be able to write and dream and share?

The boys are sleeping now, some dishes are soaking in the sink and the laundry is spinning away. Gentle music is keeping me company in the background and I am enjoying the simply beauty of a quiet afternoon. I've enjoyed a little reading (Mitford) and a lot of tea.

Around the house I've been tucking bits of Autumn color with flowers from the garden and some of my leaf garlands and ribbons. Of course, one can always tell what season it is around here based on the tea set that's in use. Since Saturday I've been enjoying my Lusterware set. It's a funny process. I needed to wash the tablecloth so I pulled out a burgundy one to replace it. Then the rose centerpiece no longer matched so I got out my candles and fruit and leaf plates. That meant that the rose Tree Chintz tea set clashed and so I pulled out the Lusterware. This then meant I needed to change the curtain tiebacks in the dining room. Those ribbons didn't match the one on the Victorian crystal candy dish and so I changed that out. Sweetheart just laughed.

While I was at it I did up a new wreath for the porch and changed out the porch flag. This necessitated the need to wash down the entire porch, walls and windows. I stopped there. Of course, I still have more leaves and ribbons and will probably putter around tucking bits and pieces here and there throughout the week.

I just heard a little boy wake up, so I'll go for now. So much more to write & share!!! Maybe later.

What are you doing to welcome Autumn to your home?


Joyce in Midway said...

You might be surprised how many of us slip into your sweet blog for a taste of how we wish our lives were. With grandsons in college, it is so fun for me to reminisce about how life used to be with little ones "helping." It's also nice to know that someone else's husband gets a chuckle out of watching his wife pretty up the place with new arrangements and decorations. They laugh, but they love it! Thanks for a beautiful respite from the less graceful aspects of life. Please don't stop blogging.

my cup of tea said...

Oh..dont stop blogging, I am just getting to know you! I love the way you describe things. Hope to see more posts in the future.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Do continue! I'm sure there are many more than three reading. ~ I read often, but very rarely comment because I'm usually nursing my wee one and typing disturbs him! Thanks for a peek into your life. I think I'll go dig out my autumn tea set. ~lisa

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Kimberly!
You do a lovely job of sharing your world and I know it would be missed if you quit.
I love the idea of a candle at breakfast and you've inspired me to make some cinnamon, pumpkin, honey butter from the last bit of homemade pumpkin puree in the 'fridge from last autumn!
I was thinking about beginning to decorate for autumn and then we were struck with a massive heat wave which puts a damper on my autumn enthusiasm. ;)
Thanks so much for sharing with us. I really appreciate it.
P.S. I know what you mean about frugality being a byproduct of creativity! So True.

BaileyZimmerman said...

What am I doing to get ready for Autumn....I baked some pound cake laced with Nutella. And ate a big chunk....or two.

I can't wait to get some pumpkins. In fact, I'm hoping to find one in Venice and carve it and put it in our window that looks out onto the Grand Canal!

TopazTook said...

I'm glad you didn't quit blogging. Yours is such a lovely blog to visit, full of pretty things.

In answer to your question about autumnal touches in the house: September is apples for me, October will be pumpkins. (In both cases, both real and decorative.)

I just wrote a post today with a picture of some of my apple decor.

Bonnie said...

If you ever quit blogging, I will sit down and cry, just so you know. (not to lay a guilt trip on you or anything) I've been trying to come up with cheap fall decor, but so far, not much. Despite living in the country, there's not a whole lot to glean from our yard, and I am to cheap to buy anything!

Rhonda said...

I, too, love you blog.

I am 52 and have two grown daughters, 23 & 25. The younger is married and I have a 9 month old grandson and a granddaughter due the end of Dec. Yes, my dd will have 2 babies twelve months apart! Luckily, the Lord blessed her with a wonderful, Godly man.

I still have a full house, as my 25 dd is still at home, and she is an angel in my life. PLUS we have an 11 yr. old boy - Our big surprise - I was 41!

I am a homeschooling mom, since 1996. We live W-A-Y over here in western New York State, so I love to read about life in Colorado.

Hmmm, for fall, my 25 dd and I are making, and canning applesauce this week. Both my girls LOVE to can, an art we just commenced two years ago. I am lucky to have a helper, or shall I say, I am her helper! My married daughter, has, shall I say, some limitations this year.

So see, we have lots in common.
Glad some of your computer frustrations have been remedied!

Bonnie said...

THANK-YOU for the link! I am so excited to try it!

Shan said...

Dearest Kimberly,

Oh, how I have missed stopping and saying hello! I have been much occupied (I am not sure with what, exactly) and seemed to have dropped out of the blogsphere. That is probably not a bad thing once in awhile.

But here I am to say hello and chuckle at your decorating rabbit hole....I have fallen in more than once. It only takes a new china cup or a pretty tablecloth and one just falls in! I know I have gone completely 'round the bend when Dearest asks if we have moved! LOL.
Oh well, it is so much fun to change things around a little bit now and then.

I hope you won't stop blogging, I would miss you terribly. I apologize for not visiting more often to keep you encouraged and will endeavor to be more attentive in the future.

Yours so kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

ladytoesocks said...

Oh dear, I'm so glad you're continuing to blog. I've only recently discovered your blog and it is such a nice place to stop and visit. Your breakfast sounds lovely. There's something about fall that makes me take time and enjoy my breakfast; I've been eating lots of oatmeal with apples and raisins. It's just so comforting to take time for yourself and others in that way. I never considered breakfast by candlelight though...

inadvertent farmer said...

What a lovely, lovely have inspired me to try to make my meals a little more of an occasion, thanks! I have enjoyed reading through your posts, Kim

Sarah said...

I'd love to know how you make the butter that's on the toast :) I love reading your blog.

SeekingHim @ gmail dot com


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