Thursday, August 06, 2009

Garden Goodness

So last evening I went outside to check on the plants. I realized I have 12 thriving zucchini plants. Think it'll be enough? The zucchinis are just starting to bloom and grow. This should be fun. Or at least funny.
We've been having so much fun with all the little froggies that have come to live in our new green yard. They are so cute and I'm hoping they'll keep eating those buggies.
Oh my! Just a moment ago I saw something moving in the old garden. I think it was a rabbit. Pumpkin and I just ran out there, but couldn't find it. I'm either seeing things or it 's hiding. Oh dear, I'm not sure I want a rabbit. Pumpkin loves Peter Rabbit, but I'm not sure after reading that story a 100 times that I want rabbits eating the garden. We'll see...
It's so exciting to see all the lush, greeness of everything. We got such a late start, but everything is doing well. We've got little green grapes, and little green tomatoes. The squashes and cukes and melons are blooming. The corn and onions look great and the sunflowers are so tall and lovely.
Reality though, I've got some serious weeding to do on the old garden side. It's really bad over there. I'm hoping for a nice rain to soften everything up.
We've had friends visiting and so many delightful things to do that I've not finished my nice long post on all the natural products I've been making. I am working on it, but it's going slow. I haven't forgotten it at all. Soon!!!!


Bonnie said...

hmmm, maybe once your forth coming 8 million zukes ready (because you realize, that the more plants you have, the more they seem to produce. If you had 2, murphys law seems to be that you would have NO zukes;op) you could offer them for sale on a table in your front yard? Not sure about your residential laws and whatnot, but a thought...

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have my freezer stocked with plenty of shredded zukes. Today I decided to make chocolate zucchini cake.

It's delicious!


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