Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Kitchen

Ok, so I've decided I need to get back to some regular posts here. I confess that it has been hard to write much lately. This has been an incredibly difficult time for our family this last year and I don't want to just mope and complain. I do want to be honest though, and not one of those perky, perfect bloggers who seem way too together for me to relate to.

I also know that many of you do pray, and I seek that out as a community of faith. Some of you have become true friends, some I see in real life, some through personal emails and writings. Thank you all for being so loving and supportive.

So, life continues on around here. It has rained/snowed/hailed seven out of the last eight weekends, making our dreams of finishing our yard seem a distant reality. We even had a tornado warning on Sunday afternoon. I've got a skid steer tractor stuck in my backyard from Sweetheart trenching for sprinklers. It's too muddy to move! Plus the 16" deep trenches have about 14" of standing water in them. Again. We thought we'd have the garden in and lay sod this weekend. Not going to happen. *sigh*

Seriously, our weather is absolutely gorgeous during the week and abysmal on the weekends--the only time Sweetheart can really work. Of course, we've still been out there working in the rain and Sweetheart does as much as he can in the rain and the dark. Not always too successful as we now need to replace a fencepost on our fence because it got in the way. Oops!

As for inside things, I finally completed a projected I've been working on forever and my sister will finally get her birthday present next weekend. Her birthday was in January. Yep. Sewing is new to me and I'd been trying to sew a purse for here out of some fabric I had she liked. First it was put off because I couldn't work the sewing machine with my bum ankle, then we had Pumpkin's stuff. I've been a bit addled myself and not too good on finishing projects. I've had to switch patterns because apparently pattern writing is a second language and not one I'm fluent in. But it is done. Finally.

I was so excited to finally finish, and was on such a roll sewing that I whipped up some new valances for the family room. I took down the velvet drapes and sheers when I washed everything for spring cleaning. When I was done, I hung back up the sheers and loved it not wanting to rehang the heavy drapes. It looked unfinished though. I had some fabric I'd picked up at a fabric sale in November. So far I'd made it into a table runner, but still had a few yards left. So, I quickly rolled out the fabric making sure it was wide enough and cut it into four equal lengths. I then hemmed all the edges and made a pocket thingy for the rod. Done!

(Look closely~you can see the skid steer through the sheers!)

Moving the sewing machine to the kitchen counter has made it easy to work on things and not have to wait until the boys are sleeping. I've also been whipping up some easy drawstrings bags for all sorts of things. I made fleece bags for Sweetheart's sunglasses collection which of course meant the boys needed bags for their shades as well. I made a bunch of light-weight bags for all my bulk foods and produce. I've used them a few times already and I love them!

Today I'm making salves, body butters and more lip balms. I'll do a separate post on the salve later. I've got little bottles and tubes all over and lots of things cooling on the window sill. The house smells great~like beeswax and lavender mostly.

So, picture my kitchen. I've got all my body product ingredients out, the sewing machine on the counter, and two flat of seedlings I'm trying to keep alive until they can be planted. It looks awful, but necessary. The boys are happily reading and playing with trains as I type. We can hear the birds outside chirping and there is a gentle breeze stirring the lace curtains at the kitchen window.

I'll sign off for now. I need to check on the body butter, and get lunch going for the boys. Hope you all are having a lovely day as well.


Tracy said...

Sorry to hear the weather has not been kind where you live. Surely it has to change's almost June!

rachel said...

Thank you for coming by...I am doing well. Praise the Lord! I just came back from a visit last week at my mom's-it was a nice break from the norm! I have much to be thankful for.

Nadine said...

So sorry to hear about the nasty weather, that does make it hard to get projects done!
When you said to picture your kitchen with all that is going on, I smiled, because it sounds like the center of a happy home!
Take Care!

Wren Cottage said...

I feel your pain about the weather, we've been having the same thing here in SC! Oh dear, it does put a damper on things! Hang in there it will get better!
Love your sewing project, the valance and the sheers are adorable! That sure looks like a cozy room!
Thanks for your kind comment at the blog :) I grinned from ear to ear to read that your little ones even know the names of the songs :) smart kiddos ;)
Hope you have a great weekend and get a little Mr Sunshine in your neck of the woods!

Francine said...

Can I just tell you what a refreshing thing it is to read how someone else isn't living a perfect life every single day. I blog and took a break for a almost two months because i felt guilty that the things that were going on in my life were kind down and not happy go lucky.. I love your blog and will be back to read it many times.. Keep being honest and don't worry there are a lot of us imperfect people out in bloggy world..
francine howell

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
I so enjoy hearing about your days. I have been busy in the kitchen too.
Your sewing project is beautiful.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

LOVED your latest comments on my blog. :)


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