Saturday, December 13, 2008


Thank you all for being such sweet friends!

I've been off-line a lot as I've been busily making Christmas gifts whenever the boys are sleeping. I've run into a snag in that however, as I had to take my sewing machine in for repair this morning. *gulp* Never mind that 75% of the gifts I'm making require a sewing machine and there's a week and a half until Christmas. It's fine. Really.

I know that it will all be ok, in spite of the frustration right now. I've got a few, non-fabric ideas I was thinking of making, if I finished sewing early. (Everyone laugh now.) Since the sewing has been side-lined for me, I'll be taking a closer look at those ideas.

I'll probably be lying low until after Christmas as, like everyone, I'm swamped with projects. I am enjoying (most of ) them though. I'm going to pour a cup of tea, grab my Everything Book and starting mapping out the next week and a half. There are gifts to be made and wrapped, and baking to do! Meals to plan while including some flexibility as our celebrations are weather-dependant here in Colorado. With family traveling here to spend Christmas, we're all being as flexible as possible knowing the time together may come early or late depending on when it will be safe to drive.

Speaking of weather, I just had to close the door next to me. I had had it open with the gentle breeze blowing through the screen. Suddenly, that gentle breeze is not so gentle and has quite a bite of cold to it! The clouds are pouring in and we're bracing for a cold night and a high of only 16 degrees tomorrow. It was warm and sunny until just a few moments ago though and quite enjoyable. We've really had an amazingly mild winter thus far.

If it is not too miserable tomorrow, we're planning on heading out to a live nativity tomorrow afternoon that Janna recommended at her church. We'll just have to see. I hope that it works though. Tonight's festivities include Sweetheart's company Christmas party. The place it is at sounds wonderful! The snow shouldn't fly until after we are home tonight, but we'll still need to dress warm.
Well, I'm off to go plan. Thank you for all your sweet comments lately. I really appreciate it. This has not been the easiest time for me, but I have hope. Thank you also for your prayers for my uncle. Please continue to pray.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

How good it was to see "You" today and know all is well. :)

My sewing machine needs to go to the machine doctor, too.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

We're going to the thing tomorrow afternoon too. We'll keep an eye out for you!


Julieann said...

Hi Kimberly, always nice to see a post from you. I giggled at the gentle breeze, I am right there with you, I opened my window and quickly shut it...LOL.

(((Christmas Hugs)))


Kelli said...

I hope your sewing machine gets fixed quickly! (((hugs)))

tonia said...

ditto what kelli said! i hope you are keeping up with things.

praying for your uncle today.

Bless you!


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