Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Day in My Life

Morning came early, in fact too early. Cries from a little boy's room awakened this Mommy. After changing diaper, bedding and pajamas, he drifts back to sleep. Eventually, I do as well.

When it is time to rise, we do. It's a cloudy, cool morning. Just perfect for oatmeal!

Littlest boy is still sleeping, so just Pumpkin and I eat our breakfast together. It is also time to read devotions and journal a bit.

While I'm doing that, the seeds from yesterday's squash are roasting and the parsley cut from the garden set out to dry and will go into the warm oven to dry faster.

Dumpling awakens and joins us for his oatmeal. It's quite a hit, even if you have to wait for it.

We have no plans to leave for the day, so I continue with yesterday's baking.

After the squash had baked and cooled yesterday, I ran in through the food processor with some water to puree it. A nine and a half pound squash made eight cups of puree. I used three cups to make pumpkin bread, just substituting the squash puree for canned pumpkin. That made three WONDERFUL loaves!

The giant zucchini I had from the garden followed the squash and went into the grater, making eight cups of grated zucchini. That became four loaves of zucchini bread, with four more waiting to be made. I am however, out of bread pans and time.

See my helpers? This is the view from the top while I'm working on the breads. The gray blur is Dumpling. It's not always easy to work in my kitchen, but I wouldn't change a thing. Except...I am considering strapping some sponges to Dumpling and letting him wash the floor, since he's down there and all. :)

This is the treasure I found this weekend during our family day. I've always wanted one of these plates, but found them too expensive. This one wasn't! Aren't the colors wonderfully autumnish?

He has so richly blessed us! Beyond our daily bread--even to seven loaves of sweet breads for the days to come. This on top of the regular bread baked yesterday and the bagels. Blessings upon blessings!

Lunch arrives amidst baking. Sandwiches on yesterday's bread with cheese and fruit. No pictures as I was doing too much to try and take them.

After lunch, the boys take their naps. Theoretically. They are put to bed, what happens from there seems to depend on the day. Luckily, this is a quiet day and all rest. Even me.

After nap time we have a snack--bread and milk. I cut and wrap the breads for the freezer, except the snack loaf. It is time for me to wash the mountain of pans and dishes from all the baking. No pictures of that!

While I'm cleaning up the boys eat their snack and then go off to play together in the family room. As our home has a very open floor plan, there are no walls between rooms on the first floor so I am able to see everything from the kitchen. I took pictures of them playing, but they all turned out a blur as they aren't still enough for pictures.

Dinner goes in the oven to bake and I join the boys in the family room. We build with blocks, race cars, and read books together until Daddy comes home. We eat when Sweetheart arrives home. Dinner is baked fish, baked squash and steamed brown rice.

After dinner the boys play for a few minutes with Daddy until bath time. Dumpling loves to take baths and enjoys seeing how much water he can relocate. He also plays with the rubber duckies and quacks and laughs. We have bath time and then it's off to get ready for bed. Songs and prayers fill our hearts. Tickles and kisses are important, too. Sweet dreams, little ones.

I then head out for a bit to run some errands that are easier to manage alone. Nothing too exciting- Target, World Market and Barnes & Noble. As I wander through the aisles at B&N I am struck by the contrasts presented by the books at hand. Some wonderful, some dreadful. A thought, often at the back of my mind~what could I do?

As I pass the teen section all I see is book on the supernatural, vampires, and well--trashy books like Gossip Girls and the like. Poor girls. I remember those years. I read a lot of junk I regret.

I think that's why I'd like to someday write for these kids. But I want to write something worth reading. I want to write in a way that is real. Not like an adult writing down to kids, writing things they would never say. I don't know. There are great children's books and great books for adults. There used to be at least decent books for the teens and tweens. Even the award winning books of the last few years seem to be...lacking. Just my thoughts. Suggestions welcome.

I left the store, glad to be heading home. Admiring the lovely full moon as it plays peek-a-boo in the clouds. At home, Sweetheart and I visit for a bit, sharing our hearts and days. Then it is time to sleep.

A day in my life, not exciting, but wonderful in its own way.

Thanks Little Jenny Wren for putting this together. Sorry I'm late on this. Sweetheart had the camera with all my pictures and now is the first chance I've had to post.

BTW-Tomorrow I'll post about our bagel making adventures. It's easy and fun. Pumpkin loves to help!


Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

This was such a sweet post... I loved seeing how you spent your day. :)

As for books for teenagers, have you checked out Eric and Leslie Ludy's books? Very, very powerful. Leslie has written some wonderful books for girls - Authentic Beauty and Set Apart Femininity. You can see more at her website:
They are good friends.

With that being said though, I'm sure you would write a beautiful book!

Enjoy the fall day!

libby said...

Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your day. It's my first visit to your blog and I like what I see.


Jodi said...

Kimberly ~ I loved this post! A busy day, but not a hectic day ~ just lovely and cozy and homey! Sweet.

I agree with your assessment of books available at the large bookstores nowadays. We order most of our books online (usually from homeschool sites) or pick them at the used bookstore.


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