Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tasha Tudor's Birthday

Today would have been Tasha Tudor's birthday. We're starting off the morning with her waffle recipe.

After breakfast we're heading up to the farm to meet with friends and play with the piggy and get some fruits and veggies. I picked peaches there on Tuesday morning. What fun! Organic peaches for less than conventional ones in the store and the fun of picking them myself. Now, to use the basketful of peaches...more peach butter? I'll have to see if Tasha had any peach recipes. Maybe a cobbler for dessert?

I'll be trying to add more to this as the day goes on...

See what others are doing to highlight the day at Storybook Woods.


I love Berry Patch Farm. I'd move everyone in with me, if they'd let me. It is so peaceful. The chickens, turkeys, and Bacon Bits spend most of the day roaming free around the barn. The owners have a bunch of picnic tables under some giant cottonwoods that also shade the side porch they've filled with rockers.

We all picked peaches and strawberries together putting them in our baskets. Pumpkin loves to carry his own basket and all the other little boys kept putting their berries into it for him. My friends' boys and Pumpkin enjoyed running around as she and I visited and gave bottles to our babies after picking the fruit.

I was admiring the chickens and my friend asked, "You're not going to go that far, are you?" I'd like to pretend I don't know what she meant, but I do. I'm sort of the odd bird of the group already with all that bread baking, canning, gardening, home birthing, sewing, no television thing, old-fashioned living stuff. I just left it at the HOA won't allow it, but I'd like to. I told her I'd like a goat. Then the conversation changed as the boys were on the run.

I doubted my friend knew who Tasha Tudor was. Tasha's life would make me look normal and way too modern. ;) It is enough to just live my own life how I want to. I'd not want to copy someone elses, even Tasha's, as it would seem more like "playing house". I am happy to glean ideas and adventures, but it is still my life to live. I must live it to please Him first and foremost.

That being said, Tasha's waffles were a hit for breakfast. (I tried just a bite to make sure, but refrained from having my own, as they aren't quite on that whole Body for Life plan. I doubt Peach Cobbler is either, but I may just have a small piece of that.) Back to Tasha...I am in the kitchen with my hair up and in braids, my apron on, and my feet bare. I skipped the skirt today, but that was mostly due to laundry issues. I have some farm fresh vegetables to prepare for dinner tonight and am skimming her cookbook for ideas. I am out of eggs though, so a few recipes are out that I'd like to try.

Tonight will be a quiet evening, enjoying Peach Cobbler and reading Tasha books by oil lamp with a nice pot of tea. I'm planning to check on the link over at Clarice's Storybook Woods of the ladies having a Tasha Tea. Maybe this weekend I can do that. (I have one Free Day a week on the BFL plan where I can enjoy whatever I like, so that's a better day for celebratory foods and a special tea time.)

What I'd take from Tasha's life is the idea to do what you love, regardless of what may be currently done. Live as you wish, dress as you wish, make what you wish, even if others don't understand. Life is better when we keep it simple and actually live in harmony according to the rhythms God put into place with the seasons. Life is to be lived to the fullest, doing things for those around us, not wasted in mindless entertainment as seems so popular. Just my thoughts. Of course, I do like my electricity! How else could I blog?


Funny side note: Apparently, my affinity for leaving flowers and leaves in books is genetic. (See picture of cookbook at the top. That leaf was there when I opened the book this morning.) I just received a wonderful package from my Aunt Linda that included a cookbook. Between its pages I found a leaf and a packet of flowers. She also included some darling notecards, a tea catalog, and a set of her amazing photographs. Thank you!!! (PS--I will get that Peach Butter in the mail soon!)


Storybook Woods said...

Oh can I come, it sounds wonderful !!!! xoxox Clarice

Betzie said...

I so enjoyed your post...and I agree with every word! Is that your little boy? So cute! I have two sons but both are teens now. We used to pick berries too...enjoy those precious moments while you can! They grow up so so fast.

Raquel said...

I agree with Tasha's philosophy - do what YOU want, who cares if it is unpopular! I have always marched to the beat of a different drum and I would have it no other way! Beautiful post! Much love, Raquel XO

BaileyZimmerman said...

Hi Honey...glad you got my package!!

I love the pics of the little guy with Bacon Bits....wonder what was going through his mind?
What a pink fuzzy rump? Wonder how he'd taste?

When we were waiting to board the ferry for Orcas Island...the sky cleared and the sun came out in a burst. Everyone piled out of cars....people started singing and playing instruments...not all of them playing well....but it was merry.
Paul looked over and saw some little black birds hopping around in a basket. "That lady has birds"....I went over. Baby chicks. She explained all about the different types and how many she had at home on Orcas.
Chickens are fun!!
We had some when we were kids....Grandpa got two Rhode Island Reds....turned out they were both roosters.......and a Bantam hen. She was a ditz....maybe it was all the ""attention'' she got from the giant reds.
She laid an egg....and sat on it for a few days...then Grandpa noticed she had scooted it out of the nest...but she was still sitting on something. Turns out she found a golf ball with a red stripe and thought that looked like a better egg to hatch!
ps...those Rhode Island Reds were wild day I was sunbathing and they decided I looked like a big ripe hen. They surrounded I was running into the house I looked up and saw my Dad laughing so hard he had tears running down his cheeks!

Bernideen said...

Have you gone on line and gotten the corrections Tasha made to that cookbook - she was not happy with some of their test kitchen changes and published her thoughts about it!


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