Monday, August 04, 2008

Ideabook * Cookbook * Lifebook

I wrote the other day about MaryJane's latest magazine, but I forgot to add a link to it. Here is her website. You can order a subscription to the magazine. It is a lot easier than trying to find it in the stores. I'd ordered a book a few months ago and received the magazine direct, then I found the next issue at Barnes & Noble. The other day was the first time I'd seen it at the grocery store, Sunflower Farmers' Market.

I think I'm just going to do the subscription since she started going to putting out regular issues every two months. It used to be real hit or miss as to when an issue would come out, but now it's being published regularly. It's also a lot less expensive that way.

MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook - For the Farmgirl in All of Us is a book I received for Christmas. I had seen it at the bookstore and enjoyed looking at it. I was overjoyed upon receiving it and being able to read it all. It arrived just after Sweetheart and I decided to simplify our lives and I was looking for the "how" now that I knew the "what" and "why" of it all. This book contains that. It is filled with both the practical how-tos as well as a lofty idealism that colors my world.

There are recipes, gardening tips, sewing projects, cleaning helps, and more all complete with gorgeous pictures that fill each page. I've discovered that I am a Farmgirl at heart, though I may live in the city, and may always. I have a sense of simplicity and beauty and the desire to find them in my daily life, as well as to highlight them for those around me. A Farmgirl isn't afraid of working hard, but also loves being a woman and delights in femininity even in unexpected places.

It's a good mix for me. While I may long for a few chickens and some wide open space, I am content here in suburbia making my house a home and refuge for those that pass my way. Though this latest issue did have directions for making a delightful hen house....Think the HOA would notice?


Kelly Maria said...

Hi, found your blog by way of Wings of Eagles. I also am interested in the Mary Jane's Mag etc.... There was thread on the Cyber Bulletin Board I belong to, & it sounded like something I would want to read.
Come by and visit my blog anytime!
Beautiful Blessings~ Kelly Maria

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Hi Kimberly!
I am sorry it took me so long to reply to your recipe request, I've been either so busy or tired the only time I got on the computer was to order a slip cover for our 8ft. long sofa (Do you know how hard it is to find one that long? Thankyou Lord for L.L.Beane!)
Anyway, the salsa, well yes, um, it was awful. I didn't know salsa could be so bad. I read and re-read the directions as something just didn't seem right about the recipe, and it wasn't until I finished it and had canned the first batch that I figured out the problem: about 20 cups of stuff to 1 1/2 cups of liquid. And this recipe said it was very saucy, and best used as a sauce! I was dissapointed at the time I spent, but thankful most of the ingredients I had on hand, and didn't waste alot of money on it.
If you would still like the recipe to look at for yourself I will be happy to pass it along, just let me know!

Mimi said...

thanks for the link to the Mary Jane's Farm magazine. Looks very interesting...

Shan said...

Dearest Kimberly,

I have the Mary Jane book too! Isn't it just lovely. I am inspired all the time to live more simply.

And isn't that chicken house featured in the magazine cute! And people laugh at me because I have cute old fashioned tin signs hanging in our little chicken house! Okay, I am going to put lace curtains in...but no giggling allowed {from my farmboy husband}.

Yours kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Farmgirl said...

I really LOOOVVVE this book!! When I first bought it over a year ago now, I showed it to my friends and said, "sorry girls, this is my new best friend!!" They all loved it too.


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