Sunday, August 31, 2008

Endless Gifts

Shortly after I started blogging I came across Ann's "1000 Gifts" where she was posting about the things she was grateful to God for. She was listing them and keeping track planning to reach 1000 things. She has since passed that number, but continued with a grateful heart to praise Him from whom all blessings truly flow. She now refers to these as Endless Gifts and has encouraged others to join her in practicing gratitude.

I had started my own list long ago, but couldn't seem to remember what posts the lists were on and what number I was on, so I gave up. I decided to get my own act together and begin again. These will be simple posts were I want to give Him praise and to record the many things, little and large that He has blessed me with. I don't want to forget. Being someone prone to forgetting His mercy when hard times come, I want to have reminders for myself that I can reflect on in those times. I pray it may also by an encouragement to someone else as well. These lists won't be numbered, or I'd never get them done. They may be posted regularly, or not. I may be able to add pictures, but not always. All I know is that I don't want to neglect the opportunity to be mindful and give thanks. These things will be in no particular order.

Here's a link to Ann's Gratitude Community.


* Sweetheart's sweet and strong heart. His love for me and the boys.

* Listening to Pumpkin sing "I'll Fly Away" as he lays his Bunny down to sleep.

* Finding the beauty in a day alone.

* Finding joy at the return home.

*This smile greeting me at breakfast.

* Watching the boys play together and love each other.

* The taste of a peach picked fresh off the tree.

* Roses and more roses.

* Creating beauty in my home.

* Being created by the One who loves beauty.

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