Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Project

I found this lovely fabric yesterday at the fabric store. I thought it looked...happy. I liked it even more since it was 40% off! I was hoping to get some good, outdoor fabric, but was afraid it would be too expensive. Aren't sales wonderful? So, now it's time to get sewing!

I am planning to make cushions covers and pillows for the settee, as well as cushions for the rockers for the front porch. I am planning to make everything so that the covers maybe removed and washed as needed. I am encasing all the pillows and cushions in plastic garbage bags inside the fabric covers so that they do not get ruined in the weather.

While the porch is covered, everything on it is still very exposed to the crazy Colorado weather we get. (Please, no more snow! It's May!) We also live in a part of town which is heading out to the plains and high winds are quite common. In fact, one of the pillows that came with the settee when we bought it blew away one day, never to be seen again!

After sitting out on the porch for a few years, the original cushions were just to faded and worn to keep. Also, the fabric wasn't removable so one needed to shove everything into the washer and dryer to clean them Not good.

The wicker itself has also become quite weathered as well. Sweetheart picked up the paint for me the other night. I've already painted the table and am trying to just do once piece at a time as I am able, and as the weather allows!

I am really excited about this project and look forward to serving a lovely tea in time for the Blooming of the Roses. We'll see. I have lots of grandiose plans, but not the energy to complete them all as I would wish. Slowly, but surely what matters will be done.

I would love any of you lovely ladies ideas and suggestions, so feel free to share. Jody, I believe you sewed all your cushions last year, any tips?

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

You must post pictures when you're done!
I need to paint out porch set and make cushions for it as well, this year.
No particularily great advice, just that (unless you were already planning to do so) I would skip zippers, and either have the pieces over lap, as they do on pillow shams, or use velcro to keep the open ends closed.
I love your plastic bag thought, I was wondering about soggy seats when I finally get around to doing ours!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Oh, and maybe this is common knowledge, but I would add ties or velcro loops to the corners of your cushions, so you can attach them to your furniture. I'd hate for all your hard work to blow away!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love that fabric!

It has been cold and wet here. I'm hoping we don't go from a cold spring to a hot summer with nothing in between.

Looking forward to pictures. :)

Adrienne said...

Great idea! I've been thinking of doing the same so we have a 'new' set without the expense of replacing everything. The cushions are in great shape - just faded and in need of new life. I'll check back to see your project when it's finished. ~Adrienne~

Katie said...

I second the thoughts on velcro loops to attach the cushions. We too live out towards the plains and our furniture gets blown over, but the cushions stay put! No zippers (too much work), buttons also work nicely and add a cute touch if you can find coordinating ones on clearance. Where is your favorite fabric store? I keep hunting out here for good spots and need some new ideas. I'm out near DIA and would love a new fabric store to check out.

Bonita said...

Such beautiful fabric! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Kimberly said...

Thanks ladies for you sweet words and encouragement!
Katie---I got the fabric at Joanne's off of 104th Avenue and I25. It's the closest place to where we live.

Shan said...


Too cute! I also have the "missing in action" syndrome here at Honey Hill Farm. I have found that I must velcro, tie or even safety pin my outdoor cushions in an effort to keep them from ending up in Kansas!

I also keep pretty vinyl tablecloths tucked in around my cushions. When we want to entertain, I just fold them up and store them. It keeps my cushions from fading and becoming soiled needlessly.

Please post pics when you are finished.

Yours ever so kindredly,


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