Thursday, May 22, 2008

Evening Break

The boys are in bed. I'd say sleeping, but I know that Pumpkin is still up there talking and singing to himself. He's taken to making up his own songs now. It is hilarious.
Dumpling is out, luckily, as last night was a rough night for him. I think more teeth are on the way as he had such a hard time settling down, even after I'd done all I could to remove the pain. He and I sat and rocked for awhile. He snuggled in, relaxing against me, finally able to drift off. Typically, he falls right to sleep and you don't hear another peep out of him for about eleven hours, so when he's not falling right to sleep, you know something isn't quite right with him. Lots of kisses and more milk usually does the trick. He is the little cuddle bug of the family.
It's been a busy week here at home for us. I had a friend over Monday morning that I know through Mops. She and her family are headed off to China next month for two years. I must admit that at times I wish we were going, too. Other times, I'm quite content to stay right here.
On Tuesday, Janna and her two kids spent a few hours with us. Her daughter and Pumpkin are just two weeks apart. She was here just a few minutes before he leaned over and kissed her. Older women and all that, I guess. Janna got a cute picture of them holding hands later, but all my pictures were too blurry to post. (That happens a lot around here, hence all the flower pictures lately--the boys move too fast!)
It was so nice to visit with both gals. This was the first time I've just spent time alone with Tanya instead of with a group of us ladies. That's too bad as we had such a nice visit. Hopefully, it won't be the last, but I know she has a lot to do as they get ready to move.
Talking with Janna, you wouldn't know it was our first time hanging out together. It was so relaxed and fun just getting to know one another and watching the children play. She is also so sweet and simply showered me with gifts for myself and the new baby, including a nursing cover and burp cloth she made, a vintage dress I've already hung in the nursery, and some specially pampering things for me to enjoy. I was so surprised! She's very talented and kind.
We even discovered quite a few mutual acquaintances we have as her husband works for and they attend the church that has the elementary school I used to work at. Um, did that make sense? Anyway, we are even both planning on attending at least one of the graduation parties I've been invited to next weekend, so hopefully we'll get to see each other again.
So far, I've been invited to three parties for the some of the kids I had in fifth grade that are graduating from the high school next week. Two are open houses sponsored by groups of students and their families, so I am hoping to get to see a bunch of the kids and families that I loved so much. I was debating on what to do for gifts as I'd like to do something for the kids that have invited me to the parties, but I don't want to leave anyone out. There are probably close to 20 of them that were in my class that have continued through the Faith schools until graduation. That could really add up!
Luckily, while I was out with my Mom celebrating our Mothers Day a week late, I mentioned it to her. While we were shopping together we found some adorable sets of mini photo albums. I'm planning on writing personal notes and tucking them into the albums and giving those as gifts. The price was right and I know they'll all have lots of pictures from graduation acitivities to fill them with. However, I am still at a loss for the boys. There are a couple of them I need to figure out something for. Especially two of them as we have kept in much closer contact as families over the years than some of the others. Suggestions are welcome!!
Yesterday and today have been spent quietly here at home. Doing laundry, making baby food, making granola, working on the garden and just doing other chores have filled up the days and evenings. Tomorrow will be spent here as well, baking bread, cleaning, and working on some gift projects.
I also need to just buckle down and start cutting the fabric for the porch cushions. Oh, how that evil perfectionism rears its head when we least expect it! Just now, the pictures in my mind of the cushions are perfect---absolutely lovely. I fear reality though. Will I mess them up? Make them wrong? Give up in agony and despair? Drive my family nuts?!!?! Break the sewing machine? Dumb, I know. But I look at the fabric and freeze. Joanne, Janna---help! Just kidding. I do think (sometimes) that I can do it. I just need to try. Besides, they are just cushions and the world will continue turning whether I fail at making cushions, or not. The buds on the roses starting appearing just yesterday so I'd better get a move on!
BTW--For those of you watching the weather reports about Colorado the tornados (10?) passed by us landing north and northeast this afternoon. We had rain and a bit of wind, but that was all. Thank You, Lord! Clueless me, I didn't even know what was going on until Sweetheart called.
I had so many other, more reflective thoughts, I wanted to share with you all, but somehow they've gotten lost in the midst of my ramblings. Oh, how I miss my brain. If you see it, send it back please.
Odd Side Note---Do any of you purchase things on-line? I'm considering offering some of my favorite teas for sale. Sweetheart has been looking into it all for me. What's your opinion? I'm certainly not looking to turn this blog into a business, or fill it up with ads, etc. There would probably just be a link to a secure storefront and maybe a few pictures. I just have found some wonderful teas that I'd love to share that might be a bit hard to get on your own. Let me know what you think.


Just Joni said...

lovely post, sounds like you are a busy lady! Thank you for stopping by my blog and wishing me a happy's been a while since I have visited your blog and I can't believe how big your boys have gotten...they are SO cute.
Do have a lovely day and stay safe in the crazy weather!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,
nice to see your post and we love the pix!! Gift cards are always nice for, best buy, etc. Your cushions will be beautiful whenever you're able to do them. Not sure what is involved in selling on line. If it's not a huge investment on the front end, it's probably a good idea. Is it convenient for you to ship items out from where you are? Cost and shipping would be the only two things I see as possible hindrances. Love you. Gotta go give a spelling test and some assistance on a writing paper. Sorry this is so choppy. I do love reading your blog though!!

Anonymous said...

I recently started reading Mrs. Nespy's World's blog, and she had a recent post on gift ideas for graduates:

I liked the tractors at your tea table. :) I'm hoping to get some Tea Blog-a-Thon posts of my own up soon -- I've just gotten behind this month!

Brenna said...

I really enjoy buying online because of the convenience factor. Especially if I have already tried the product. Would I be tea online? Absolutely, especially yours! I think it sounds like a wonderful idea.

Mary Isabella said...

You have inspired me to make some new pillows for my chairs...Blessings....Mary


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