Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Friend & One Stylish Boy

It's always good to post your picture on your website. You never know when you might meet someone whose blog you read! Last Friday night Sweetheart and I went to see a play at one of the schools I used to teach at. My former fifth graders are now juniors and seniors and were performing "Beauty and the Beast". (Yes, I'm old.)

As we were walking along the lobby waiting for the show I spied Janna. She is a friend of Joanne's who decided we should meet. We've emailed a few times and commented on one another's blogs, but hadn't gotten together yet. Sure hope we can soon!

Unfortunately, we just were able to introduce ourselves before she and her darling little princess had to go inside. We waited for awhile to see if we'd be able to get tickets as they we're sold out. At the end of it all, we ended up wandering around the nearby antique mall instead. We still had fun, even if we didn't see the play.
Picture one red-headed boy with red and white socks, black, silver and white shorts, and a striped shirt with light blue, dark blue, orange and white stripes. Top it all off with Daddy's black and red baseball cap. That's my boy! You'll have to just picture it in your mind...Can I put a sign on him that says, "I dressed myself."????? Probably don't need to, every mom could figure it out.


BaileyZimmerman said...

You old??? Holy cow.....how ancient am I???

The little-boy-dressing-thing.......we took Nathan to Sea world, he dressed himself. He looked OK, jeans and a printed shirt. Well, a sea-gull took a dump on his pants, so he had shorts underneath his jeans. The problem was the shorts were a different color than his shirt and his socks were two different colors.
He had four different colors going!!
ps...he does a much better job now!!!

BaileyZimmerman said...
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