Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

He did notice. He knew I was going to make some changes, but I don't think he quite expected me to do all that I did. He likes it. I still do need to fill in a few bare spots on the walls, but now I've got a sick little Pumpkin, so maybe next week.

The quilt is the one "new to us" item in the room. My Mom worked on quilting the top for years while I was growing up. She'd bought just the top and then added the back and quilted some of the flowers.

I have always loved this quilt. It was so nice to finally be given it after all these years. I remember thinking it was the neatest thing. My Mom has been storing it for years, but brought it over the other night. It's a full or queen size, so I just turned it on its side and placed it on the bottom of our king-sized bed. The duvet was what we had on our bed when we first married almost ten years ago.

I love how all the colors of the quilt allow me to add in any color I want. It's a nice break from all the purple, Sweetheart's favorite color. My Mom said the woman she bought the top from had said it was pieced from old aprons. Perfect.

I didn't paint. The walls in our home are all a lovely ivory color. It does look different because I used the flash in the "Before" pictures and not the "After" ones.

I'll take some better close-up pictures of the window lights as I love how those turned out, but not today. Today we've spent in the "new" room watching "Cars", Pumpkin's favorite movie. He, Dumpling, and I have snuggled down with our toys and books and have just been cozy all day.

Now, it's time to check the crockpot and finish up the dinner details. Hope you all are having a lovely day!


Shan said...


I just love what you did with the bedroom! The quilt is so beautiful, what a lovely gift from your Mother.

Hope everyone has a blessed evening at your home.

Kindrely yours,

Katie said...

I simply LOVE that quilt! And the fact it was made by a woman from old aprons! Too good to be true...hehe! I'm sorry to hear you've got a sick lil' pumpkin...hope he is feeling better soon. I'll say a little prayer for y'all. :o)


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