Monday, February 25, 2008

Doing Better

We are all feeling a lot better this week. The only down side is that Sweetheart had to return to the office to work. He worked last week from home while he was sick. The little guys are both doing well with just an occasional sniffle or cough. I weathered through it all with probably the slightest case of it. Even so, we need to go get more Kleenex!

The boys and I went grocery shopping this morning. We went to the Sunflower Farmers Market. What a wonderful grocery store! It's across town so we usually only go once a month. The main part of the whole store is the produce department. They also have a wonderful meat department with really helpful workers. Their bulk section is varied and well-stocked, though I did clean them out of all their wheat.

Besides the wheat, I was able to get everything from nuts to cocoa powder in bulk. I even picked up some different types of beans to sprout. I've got mung beans sprouting on the counter right now and thought it would be fun to try a few other kinds. I ended up with so many things in bulk that I'll have those sprawling bags all over the cupboards. I've got more bags than jars. I reuse almost all my glass and plastic jars, but it won't be enough. Oh well, maybe I can find some more jars in with the canning supplies I got off Craig's List awhile back.

How blessed we are! We live in a country of plenty. Amazing isn't it that we can find tomatoes in February, and not just one kind. I saw at least four different types of tomatoes there. We don't always think about this as most of us are just used to having it all available, but think if all we had was what we could grow ourselves. Wouldn't we appreciate everything more?

We are planning a large garden this year and I am learning how to can, but until then I just remain extremely grateful for the abundance He has blessed us with.

Update on Prayer Requests:

Molly's lump is benign. Thank you, Lord!

Kaylee received her pacemaker and appears to be doing well.

I haven't heard on the other things, but will post as I do.

Well, I need to sign off and get busy. I have ten pounds of ground turkey to turn into meatballs while the boys nap, and a ton of produce to wash and prep. I'm having a group of ladies over tomorrow night for supper and decided spaghetti and meatballs would be the easiest to make for the fourteen of us that will need dinner.

I baked six loaves of bread yesterday in preparation. They are waiting in the freezer until tomorrow when I'll defrost them and warm them on up. I'll get all the veggies ready today so that it will be easy to make the salad tomorrow. I'm making the meatballs all today as well. Tomorrow afternoon I'll just need to put them in the crockpot with the sauce. Then, I'll just need to boil the noodles just before everyone arrives.

Dessert, however, won't be assembled until tomorrow: Earl Grey Molten Chocolate Cakes. Wow. Sweetheart wanted a dessert the other night so I flipped through my recipes and found this treasure. It is pretty easy, but the taste is amazing. I'll assemble them tomorrow afternoon and refrigerate them. Then, while we're eating dinner I'll put them in the oven. They only bake for sixteen minutes and puff up like little souffles. Yum.

Well, I'm hungry. Guess I'll go peel some carrots and munch of those. Not the same, is it? I'll try to get some recipes up soon.


Teri in CO said...

I just looked up Sunflowers Farmers Market and there's one near me! I'm going to have to go and check it out! Thanks for "talking" about it!

Jodi said...

Glad to hear you are all getting better. We've been down with the flu at our house. Sounds like you had a fun shopping trip, and your meal for tomorrow sounds delish.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I LOVE bulk foods stores, and Sunflower Farmers Market-how cheery does that sound?
I can alot ( and have canned for the last 12 years- hee hee, most of my friends as a teenager were excited about new clothes, boys, or movies, I was excited to try a new pickle recipe!), so feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
I love the book Preserving the Harvest, which actually also has recipes on freezing and drying, not just canning. It, and my Ball Blue Book are my favorites, and I would be lost without them during canning seaon.
Oh, one more thing and then I'll go, A GREAT and well worth it investment is a pressure canner. They are not cheap ( For one that holds around 7-8 Qt. jars, about $200), but they expand the amount of things you can preserve (meats, soups, vegetables etc.). Worth every penny!
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Shan said...


So happy to hear everyone is on the mend. It seems that everybody has been ill in our area.

I will have to visit Sunflower Farmers Market! I would like to buy some flax seed in bulk to make flannel covered heating pads for Christmas gifts.

Oh, I wanted to say that I was so touched by your renewal of your vows. That is something that Dearest and I will have to do - we have been married for 25 years!

Hopefully you received my e-mail. Just let me know about getting together!



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