Saturday, January 05, 2008


Hi Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by to visit. I've been abysmal lately about responding to comments as well as commenting on your blogs. I wish I could say that that will change, but it'll probably be a bit before I am able to. As life is with two little monkeys running around, my computer time is really limited these days.
I think Dumpling is doing better overall as far as his personal routines and sleeping habits, but they don't always mesh with Pumpkin's. Plus, Dumpling is teething, big time. Drool everywhere. Ugh. Everything in sight goes in his mouth and everything is constantly wet. Anyway...
Please know that I love reading your comments and usually pop over to your blogs, even if I'm just kind of lurking around these days. I am inspired by so many of you and the beauty you are striving to fill your worlds with. The creativity and love is amazing. I just wish you all lived nearby so we could hang out and have tea, or coffee.
Sweetheart and I went out for breakfast together this morning. (Thanks Grandma!) It was so nice to just sit a visit with each other and not be running around. Breakfast out is one of my favorite things. I don't know why, maybe because it feels like such a luxury. We had a great time just hanging out together. We talked about our plans for transitioning into our new life together.
It's hard, because I want everything to be done, and done now. But it took years to get into this mess so it will take some time to get out of it. Along with our broad goals of simplification come some concrete ones including ones about the foods that we eat. I love to cook and bake, but I'd like us to have a more natural diet with more organic and less processed foods. I know, I do bake almost everything from scratch and we rarely buy packaged food products, but we'd like to switch over to better meats, produce and grains. To that end, we've been researching automatic grain mills. I'd REALLY like to hear what some of you may be using. What brands/types have you found to work the best?
Also, and try not to faint Joanne, I actually been sewing a few things. Not great, mind you, and it's still all by hand so far, but I did make Pumpkin a hat and a scarf yesterday. Pictures soon! This is a big change for me. I'm planning to take down our Christmas tree tonight and tomorrow and then set up the sewing machine. Ack! It's time to conquer the Bernina!!! Wish me luck.
I'm also still planning to write more on why we are making the changes we are. Part of it is to help me to clarify and set some ideas down to think about. Some of the changes are huge, so not so much, but all require thought and planning, or they won't happen at all. Praying...
Thank you again for your sweet comments and thoughts as we journey together in life.


Mary Isabella said...

Good lick with all your plans.You are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings

BaileyZimmerman said...

This all sounds so ominous!!
I hope that everything is OK??

It is a difficult time with two little "room of one's own"!!

Here's to change and all the excitement that comes with it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just in shock you're attempting to sew! are very ambitious. I guess I'm the girl with many ideas and few moments to implement them...we bought Hannah some sewing "stuff" LAST Christmas and still have yet to make anything...However, we did weave a potholder yesterday, does that count as sewing?? (She loves the gift, btw! I expect you may have a new potholder soon!) Love, your sis

Anonymous said...

ps- oh! my friend loves her whispermill grinder. love, sis

Anonymous said...

I have a Kitchen Mill grinder. I bought it from the Urban Homemaker. She sends out a catalog of all kinds of neat homemaking gadgets and supplies.
joanna :)


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