Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Project

Being creative has been pretty much on the back burner these last few months. Gee, I don't know why. ("Any ideas, Dumpling?") Somehow little and big boys, laundry and meals must come first. ("Didn't I just make dinner last night?" and "Didn't I just wash that?" are constant mental refrains.)

However, I snatched a little time a few evenings ago to put together these cards for my Mom and my Aunt Linda. Amazing what you can do with a cereal box, scrapbooking supplies and some really cute pictures. I had so much fun making these and was so jazzed at having created something from start to finish that I had trouble falling asleep myself by the time I was done with them.

They are not identical, but both contain very similar elements. My Mom and Aunt have traveled a lot together in the last several years including multiple trips to Venice and at least one trip to Paris. So I chose to add little snippets to represent their travels. I included a copy of a page from my 1883 Peterson's Magazine that contained a wonderful article on Venice. I only had one Eiffel Tower piece, so I cut it vertically and posted half on each card, as shown in the picture above. I then glued on some little buttons from my collection to add a final touch.

Buttons seem to appear in almost all my crafts. I don't know why, but they just seem "right" somehow. I seem to think something's not done without a few little buttons here and there. Maybe it just adds a little extra dimension to it all.

I've been eyeing my kitchen curtains that I sewed some vintage crocheted lace on before Christmas. I think they might need a few buttons too, just to finish them off. It's felt like they are missing something. Hmm...

I sent the cards off with my Mom as she was heading back East this week for work and to see Linda. I hope they like them! It's somewhat intimidating to make something for someone who is soooo talented like my Aunt. She really is amazing. See what I mean?
I wanted to do a little something more than just a normal thank you card for the beautiful teacup and saucer she suprised me with recently. It's the teacup at the top of the page. I love it's flower shape. Behind it is the creamer and sugar bowl set that she gave me a few years ago. She's talented and very sweet!


BaileyZimmerman said...

Kim, Kim....I just love my piece!!! In fact, I can't wait to find a frame. I think I'll make your Mom go out this evening so that we can find one!!!
I also loved the envelope that you made and the wonderful Magnolia card. Grandpa grew a a magnolia tree in Phoenix...I think it was the only one I ever saw in Phoenix!!

It's funny that you mention buttons..I love them too. There is a great store in New York called Tender Buttons. On Saturday when your Mom and I were in the city I ran into a guy at the bead store...he was ecstatic. He had found cuff link that he could mount the great buttons that he had just found!!

Honey, thanks so much for the wonderful card!!!

Jodi said...

Your cards are beautiful, Kimberly, and I like the buttons. It always feels good to be creative. I love that teacup your aunt gave you; the dragonfly looks so light and floaty (is that a word? lol).

Sheila said...

Beautiful! I love collages and old photos.


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