Thursday, January 31, 2008



mer said...

Hi Kimberly,

It was so fun to meet you at Joanne's house! Wasn't that a lovely afternoon?? I hope to get to know you better, and let me just say that your sons are adorable! I love the picture of the baby feet...oh, so sweet!

I love the tea cozy too! Good job.


Angie said...

Look at those toesies! Oh, so cute.

I loved meeting you for lunch on Wednesday, Kimberly! You have the gentle spirit I pray God develops in me. I can't wait for our next lunch date with the girls!

Anonymous said...

Love the toesies and the cozies! :-) Miss you. Love, Carey

Mary Isabella said...

I have been catching up with you. Beautiful little one!!! I love the tea cozy you made. It is so nice...Smiles


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