Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Last Rose of Summer

Doesn't Sweetheart take such nice pictures?

Yes, that's snow outside. We awakened on Sunday morning to snow. Pumpkin looked out his window and said, "Bugs!" as the flakes flew across the sky. He then spent the morning looking out the bay window watching the snow.

Here his is showing his Little People the snow. It melted off by afternoon and we've had beautiful Autumn weather ever since. I love Colorado.


Shan said...

Just popping in to say Hello and I am so glad that you are all feeling better. I agree that living in Colorado is simply the best!! Sunday was beautiful.

Your friend and kindred spirit,

Shelley Jo said...

My daughter, Kimberly, is now in Denver, too. She and her new hubby called me Sunday morning saying, "It's snowing!!" She was in shorts and a tank top the day before. They don't like the cold.

Sheila said...

I love the photo of Pumpkin showing the snow to his Little People. So sweet! I love the rich imaginations of our children.


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