Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Project Finished!!!

Woo hoo! I finally finished my Mothers Day present for my Mom. Boy, is she patient. I was beginning to think it would end up as a Christmas gift. I had decided to make both she and my Stepmother Memory Albums for Christmas, but ran out of time to finish both.

Though it may seem odd, I chose to do my Stepmother's first, as many of the pictures for her album were of her mother who passed away just a few weeks before Mothers Day. I made a mini album for her using the pictures that had been digitized for her Mother's memorial service. It turned out really neat, but I was too tired when I finished to take pictures of it to post.

Well, I bought my Mom a flip book album; one that stands on its own and allows you to flip the pages along the rings at the top like a calendar. I used pictures that my Uncle Kurt had scanned a few years back and put on disks for everyone.

The album started with pictures of my Grandparents just after they were married during World War II and went through about 10 years. I finished it all up this week and gave it to her today. She was pleased. I took a few pictures of it, but pictures of pictures don't always turn out so great, so please bear with a little blurriness.

This is the cover. It's my Mom when she was still pretty little. See where Pumpkin gets the red hair?

This is a picture of my Grandmother. They were living in Germany just after the war as my Grandpa was a part of the rebuilding efforts. I love the papers on this page, especially the one that looks like a vintage hankie. The 3-D sticker in the bottom corner looked like something my Grandmother would have worn and really finished off the page.
Wasn't she lovely?

Here's my Mom in her Father's Garden.
He won quite a few awards for his flowers.
He was such a big, strong man that no one dared tease him about it!

In fact, here is a picture of him with his German relatives after the war.
He's the guy in the back.
I wouldn't tease him about anything, would you?
(He was born in Germany and raised there until he was about seven. Then he sailed to America (ALONE) to meet up with his Mother who had moved here a few years before. Boy, is that a tale worth telling someday!)

Here's is my Mom in her tutu. Family members will laugh as they know that she was often photographed posing in various ballet positions for many years growing up.
She loves to twirl those skirts!

I love working with the old pictures. They have such a timeless quality to them. It's not always easy to find scrapping materials I like to go with them, but I seem to add buttons and ribbons to almost all of my projects these days.

I hope it's something that will bring a smile to Mom's face whenever she sees it.


Jodi said...

I can't imagine that your mother will be anything other than utterly delighted! Very beautiful!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I wish I had done something like that before my mom passed away.

She would have loved it. Beautiful job!

Shelley Jo said...

That is just lovely, Kimberly. I made an album for my Grandmother several years ago for Christmas.


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