Friday, August 10, 2007

Meal Planning

Help! I am trying to plan out meals for the next week or so to make and freeze for after the baby arrives. However, my pregnant mind is a complete...blank. I really want to help Sweetheart out and have some things ready to go as he'll be in charge of the home those first two weeks. We don't usually eat a lot of onions or garlic or Italian food. I'd love any recipes, or links to recipes that you think freeze well.

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Karen said...

Some things that I kept on hand during those first few weeks with a new baby was our family's favorite meatloaf, chicken pies, and monterey chicken. I could make them up, freeze them in plastic wrap lined casserole dishes, and when frozen, take them out of the dish, and put them into ziploc baggies with the cooking instructions, and dish size needed. All that was needed was a couple of side dishes that are pretty easy like rice, potatoes, beans, etc.
Hope this helps! Good luck!

Carina said...

I tried to leave a comment, but nothing showed up, so I'm trying again; forgive me if you get this twice! :)

I have an "easy" chicken pot pie recipe that my family enjoys and which freezes well. (If you aren't up to making your own pie crust, I'm sure a refigerated crust will work fine too.) I also often freeze a dozen chicken enchildas from a Susan Branch recipe I have --very mild with a cream and cheese sauce instead of the traditional red one. And of course, homemade soups freeze well and just need a salad and some crusty bread to make them a meal.

I am happy to send you either or both recipes if you'd like; just send me an email at:


Just Joni said...

About one weekend a month I spend time cooking for my parents who in their old age have many "bad days" where they just don't feel like cooking. I keep my freezer full and replenish theirs as needed. It has been my experience that chicken enchiladas, manicotti, cooked ground turkey, turkey burgers and meatloaf freeze very well. The chicken enchiladas can be tamed down by using cream of chicken soup for the sauce. Another thing I do to save time is freeze leftover pancakes that can be popped in the toaster for breakfast. I also use an ice tray to freeze chicken broth when I just need a small amount (1 or 2 cubes) to add flavor to rice, couscous,pasta, etc. We eat very little red meat but I have a ton of recipes for chicken if you find something specific you would like to make. My kids really love my "cowboy pizza" with homemade crust, BBQ sauce, chicken and cheese. It's easy to make but I'm not sure how that would freeze up.

Anonymous said...

I hope these links come through. If not, go to
and and scroll down until you come to the freezer meals posts. They tell you how to organize and shop for a freezer meal day, and they also have recipes.


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