Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun Book

Mom's Almanac edited by Alice Wong & Lena Tabori

I found this treasure a few weeks ago in the Bargain Bin at Barnes and Noble. It is simply adorable! The illustration on the cover is a delightful preview to the many wonderful pictures and ideas inside. The website for the book gives more information. Here is just an excerpt:

"Part reference, advice, and resource guide, and part cookbook, keepsake, activity, and crafts book, this hard-working almanac is packed with information and fun. And it has been lovingly designed to showcase more than 300 pieces of vintage children’s illustrations from beloved artists such as Jessie Willcox Smith, Kate Greenway, and Maud Humphrey. "

Mom’s Almanac is organized into seven themed chapters: The Bare Essentials, Feeding Time, Having Fun, Stepping Out, Seasons and Holidays, Preserving Memories and The Best of Everything.

I was given the authors' Christmas Almanac several years ago as a gift. It, too, is filled with beautiful images and ideas. Apparently the authors have quite a few books, all of which seem to be well-reviewed.

I had my weekly midwife appointment this morning. All is well with both the baby and I. Pumpkin was right there, helping the whole time. He really likes the midwife and stands along side her as she measures and pokes my tummy. He is so intent watching everything she does and of course, keeping a close eye on me. He pats my tummy and blows kisses.

After the visit he and I went to explore the new hospital near by. It's where we will transport to if there is an emergency during or after labor. It's nice enough, but I sure hope I don't have to go there! It's a nice hospital, but still is obviously a hospital and looks like an uncomfortable place to have a baby to me. I'd much rather stay home and enjoy the comforts of my own home and bedroom.

Please continue to pray for us! We are much obliged to everyone.


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Still praying and waiting right along with you! Glad your midwife appointment went well. And, yes, I'm praying that no transport will be necessary. Hospitals are not fun places in my book!

Mimi said...

How wonderful it would be to be able to have the baby at home... In my mother's day baby's were born at home...
then the day of hospital births (no midwife's to speak of)...
now it is back to the natural way of doing things again and I think it is wonderful I hope and pray that it works out for you

Anonymous said...

Did you have a homebirth with Pumpkin?
I had a midwife for my first birth but ended up having him in the hospital. It was actually a very nice experience, though entirely unexpected. God was good. The doctor on call was very kind and gentle. It was a good experience.
My subsequent children were born at the midwife's home. She goes to homes now but back then she delivered at her house, in her birthing room.
Can't wait to hear how it goes! You'll do great!

Sheila said...

I have that book, too. I love to dip into it now and then. The illustrations are amazing!

Hoping that baby comes soon.

Kelli said...

Still praying, Kimberly! The baby book looks darling!
P.s. I love the pictures of you and pumpkin down below!

Just Joni said...

I keep expecting to see an "It's a girl" or "It's a boy" announcement when I check in, but I see you are still hanging in there. I think of Ecclesiastes 3:1 - "There is an appointed time for everything..." Blessings on your home delivery. By the way, your little Pumpkin is adorable!

Jodi said...

I love the illustration on this book cover; it reminds me so much of Bessie Pease Gutmann's work. And how adorable is it that the little girl (with the pink ribbon) is missing a sock! Too cute!! [Did it say if that particular painting is the work of Jessie Willcox Smith?]

Glad to hear everybody is still in tip top shape. Maybe you will get to really celebrate Labor Day in style!

Kimberly said...

Thanks, ladies. Yes, Pumpkin was born at home as well. It was a good experience and I'm glad we did it that way and that we were able to! I'm praying that we will be able to with this one as well. I really don't want to have to go to the hospital. I'm glad they are there in emergencies, I just fon't want to be one!
Jodi~The book does not say who the cover artist is, but I don't recognize it as Jessie's. She's one of my favorite artists though.


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