Monday, July 09, 2007

a weed patch that grows things

here's a picture of an amazing dragonfly sweetheart found on the fence the other morning. it was the largest dragonfly i've ever seen.

pardon the lack of capitals. i am not trying an e.e. cummings sort of thing. it is simply that the shift key on my keyboard now longer works. i think sweetheart's ordered a new one. hope so. this is annoying to me. back to the post...

i do not have a garden this year. i merely have a weed patch that grows things. there is a difference. once the robins were done nesting on the rototiller, sweetheart discovered the tiller was dead anyway. sigh. meanwhile the weeds grew taller. they are now so far beyond my pregnant self's ability to pull them all that i have resigned myself to seeing what i can do this fall after the baby arrives to have it in better shape for next year. (i'm not expecting much.)
luckily, we have some perennials and some things that just reseed themselves so there are a few things alive out there besides weeds. i've tried keeping the raised beds clear of weeds, but that's all. the free-growing areas that are usually filled with wonderful squashes, sunflowers and wildflowers are just a disaster. i've lost all hope of installing the brick path i'd hope for as well. all the bricks are piled up where sweetheart put them after salvaging them from an old, condemned house last year.
my thyme, cilantro, savory, and dill are alive. i've a bunch of lettuce that somehow appeared and a bunch of old carrots. most of the strawberries croaked, but a few pulled through. remember the adorable robins sweetheart was helping to raise? now he just wants them dead as they are stealing all his berries. oh well. good thing we're not farmers. still, i can dream of a beautiful garden, a restful retreat on a summer's day. maybe next summer.


Kelli said...

Kimberly, the same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with Benjamin. The morning sickness got too much for me and the weeds took over!! By next year, you will be back in the garden with a new little one by your side! That looks like one delicious strawberry!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Wow, that strawberry looks enormous! And the picture of the dragon fly is amazing, I thought it was a pin for jewlry at first.
because of the pond, we have lots of dragon flys around here, and they are so pretty (did you know they wil bite?), a family that used to go to our church has an organic farm named Dragon Fly Farm.

Kimberly said...

Both the dragonfly and the strawberry were huge! I thought the dragonfly was fake at first. Imagine the teeth on that one...


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