Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Been a Long Week

Sweetheart, Pumpkin & Flat Stanley from Joshua @ the SW Market

We've gotten Pumpkin's new room completely cleaned out and most of his stuff moved in. Reality clashed with Mommy's vision pretty hard. I was setting everything up to be colorful, creative, and catalog perfect. Following right behind me was Pumpkin, pulling down and throwing everything he could touch. Sigh.
Revised plan: bare and safe. It's pretty boring, but he can play so he's happy. Sweetheart told me to focus instead on making the nursery pretty again. Good advice.

I had a friend offer a crib to borrow, so we'll put that in the new room as soon as I can pick it up. So for now he's still in the nursery, as that crib won't roll through the doorway and we see no reason to dismantle and set up cribs twice when we can just do it once.
I'll take some pictures once I get the crib up and a few things on the walls. Right now it's a great playroom. So, now it's time to finish sorting through the stuff that hasn't found a new home yet and is still piled in the loft driving me nuts. At least I can get to the computer and sit down today, which is more than the last few day!
Also, Sweetheart put Pumpkin to bed Wednesday night without the pacifier while I was gone. Cool. He's slept every night since then without it. He got it for one nap since then, but only because I was so desperate for some sleep. It's not been easy for him, or me. He's struggling to go to sleep at naptime and bedtime. Plus, now he's up and fussing at six in the morning instead of just playing quietly in his crib like he used to do. Bummer.
It's either do it now, or later and I certainly don't want to be doing this after the baby arrives and I'm already totally sleep deprived. Into every life a little rain, and tears, must fall...


Jodi said...

((Kimberly)) I think the transition stage Pumpkin is entering is probably the hardest. It will get better ~ much better. :o)

I'm so glad you found another crib - yeah! I think that's going to make your life *much* better. With Baby #2 here soon, it's not the greatest time to be tackling that struggle from crib to bed. A-n-d putting that off has allowed you to tackle the pacifier issue.

Once my little ones have been awake, they've generally wanted up. But I did have some luck with a couple of them by slipping board books and musical toys in their crib after they were asleep. Then when they woke up they had something to occupy themselves. While it didn't gain me great amounts of sleep in the morning, it at least allowed me a window of *getting* awake before I needed to be *all out*.

[I saw online a while back where someone made a little pouch to hang in their baby's crib with morning time quiet toys in it. I don't remember where I saw it, but I did think it was a clever idea and kept the toys out of the way while baby was still asleep.]

Hoping your feeling well. You certainly seem to be nesting! ;o)

((Hugs to you))!

Kimberly said...

Dear Jodi,
Thanks for your hugs and comments. It's always a pleasure to hear from you!
I've been slipping in the books and toys for awhile now. It's worked well in the past. I think this week they've only served as missiles to be launched out of the crib as quickly as possible! :)
Things are smoothing out a bit.


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