Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Secret Garden Update

The robins have grown so quickly!

Just last week Sweetheart took their pictures.
They were so small you could hardly tell that there were four babies in the nest.

Then, the other morning I let Abner out into the yard. He was actually minding his own business, doing his business, when he was attacked by dive-bombing robins. He resisted the temptation to have an early breakfast. Good Boy!

That evening Sweetheart went out to the garden area and looked around. Here's what he found:

Isn't it cute? They are officially out of the nest. Sweetheart has mixed feelings about this, as it now means he has to rototill the garden. I didn't know they'd be speckled. What a cutey! Now, to go pull and till all those weeds...


Jodi said...

Adorable! Isn't God amazing!! Birds have become quite the fascination for us since we moved. (We have oodles of them in our back yard.)

Mrs. G said...

how beautiful! I think baby birds ignite the same protective feeling in us that all other babies do :)

we've no babies here (the wrens started making 2 nests, but 1 I had to discourage & the other they just changed their minds...) and I'm a little disappointed...but I'm enjoying your baby bird photos :)

Kelli said...

I've never seen a baby robin before, I had no idea they were speckled. He is so pretty!!



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